Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Powerpuff Girls

One of the Cartoons that came about later in my "childhood" (see: adolescence) was an IMMEDIATE hook! The show feature three little bad-a$$es who saved the day, known as:

I loved this show! It was well executed, and at a time when a lot of cartoons were employing CGI, Powerpuff Girls (PPG) had a nice traditional hand drawn quality. Like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend, and MLP: Friendship is Magic would later employ PPG had many GREAT background characters and pop culture references sprinkled throughout!

My favorite was Buttercup. Maybe it's cause I KNOW she's Slytherin and house-pride and all that (Bubbles is clearly Hufflepuff, and Blossom is such a Gryffindor...and I mean these with no malice), but I like her take no crap attitude! I do appreciate all three girls and with that, today's workout cosplay!

I'll admit this cosplay is the same outfit in differing colors. But my two reason for this are simple: a). their dresses are the same but in different colors, and, b). it's been that kind of a week! But like the Hogwarts houses, or, Camp Half-Blood Cabins, fans tend to have a favorite between the three. So...options!

Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls by joie-fatale
1-3). Blue, Pink, Green- Protect ya mitts with these boxing gloves of awesomeness! Punch out the Gangreen Gang, or, take out the creepy and EVIL HIM with all your super strength!
4). Red Bow- If you're a blossom fan, then you know that the bow is required accessorizing! This one is nice and subtle, but, definitely there!
5). Climacool Shirt- seriously this shirt is awesome! I love the little metal beads that actually conduct heat away from you! So awesome (also, they come in a plethora of colors)!
6). Shorts- These shorts come in so many colors! And I like their length! Not too short, but not too long either!

I have three recommended viewings for this post:
1). The Powerpuff Girls- the cartoon is currently on Netflix! If you haven't seen it, check it out! And if you've seen it, go back and enjoy it!
2). Girlfight- is a movie about a girl who starts boxing to help get rid of a chip on her shoulder, and discover who she is through discipline in athletics!
3). Boxing Workout- this written one is really awesome! And boxing employs A LOT of the muscles we tend to focus on such as core, and arms!

Last off, is our playlist! Did you know there was a Powerpuff Girls "soundtrack"? It's pretty awesome! Devo and Shonen Knife are on it, so I featured those two (and of course the closing theme by the amazing Scottish-synth-pop band: Bis!).

Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girl?
Also, don't forget to enter Geekphoria's and my giveaway HERE!


  1. I bloomin' love The Powerpuff Girls!! Amazing. I used to have these pajama bottoms with the powerpuff girls all over them and they were the coolest. I wore them all over even and people would stop me and say how they wanted a pair, haha. They're awesome!! xx

  2. I was always a fan of Buttercup! I've been looking for new workout shorts. I might have to try these ones out. Great post!

    <3 Heather
    The Nerdy Fox

  3. Bubbles!!! I love these boxing outfits!

  4. I loved Girlfight. Totally inspiring. And those outfits are mighty cute.

  5. My favorite was also Buttercup, but that's cause I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. But I love these outfits! The addition of the bow for blossom is pretty adorable!


  6. I'm a Blossom fan. I love how you had to include her bow!

  7. The powerpuff girls were so cool! HAHAHA Loved this Joie! I'll happily take the pink boxing one.

  8. Cute!!!!! ^__^

  9. Yay Powerpuff girls!!! I love Bubbles :) I also like that you incorporated boxing into this because it fits perfectly with the show and how they fight crime!

  10. Ahhhhh LOVE the powerpuff girls!! Bubbles was my fave! This post makes me want to grab 2 friends, dress in these boxing outfits and play powerpuff girl's while boxing!!!

  11. Seriously perfect Joie!!
    Love this!

  12. This is awesome, and yay for Girlfight too! :)


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