Wednesday Workout Cosplay & GIVEAWAY: Poison Ivy

This month is very exciting! Spider-Man has opened, and Maleficent opens on the 30th!
And like I said, April showers bring May flowers!
Or, Ivy!

Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy is a great villain who prowls Gotham City's streets, and though she may go a bit too far, she cares about our planet. Also, she is best gal pal's with a little lady who I had a winter workout cosplay of back in January: Harley Quinn!

Poison Ivy Workout Cosplay

1). Unless You Can Be Poison Ivy Shirt- What I like most about cotton tees, is that you can wear them ANYWHERE! And tbh, this shirt is probably too cute to workout in. But it's super soft, and cotton breathes! Also, I love the design! Everyone always says to "be Batman." But I'd rather be one of the member of his Rogues Gallery, thank you!
2). Forest Emerald Track Jacket - This jacket is such a great shade of forest green. And I think, Adidas makes track jackets like nobody's business!!
3). Crossfit Training Shoe- No joke: shoes are important! And these puppies, are great for helping with stability, because if you're like me (occasionally klutzy with a side of mishap) today's featured exercise can be...tricky.
4). Speed Rope- I often see Ivy with, well, ivy as an accessory! I feel like a little chibi Ivy would have a vine as a jump rope, and so: jump rope! (note to self, doodle a chibi Ivy skipping vine!).
5). Play Shorts- These shorts provide a lot of movement and fit comfortable. So whether you're running from the commish, or Batman, or skipping rope in Arkham, you'll be nice and comfy in these.
6). Poison Ivy Bow- I love bows! I confess, I forget to put one on my ponytail before working out most of the time, but, I like them as a workout accessory, since they are relatively unobtrusive, and pretty darn cute!

Besides just skipping rope you might wonder what other exercise you can do with a vine rope. Well, here's an exercise routine (that's only 10 minutes) you can do!

This workout playlist is a collaboration with Amanda from Geekphoria!

Amanda has also helped make today EXTRA special! She has made my FIRST GIVEAWAY possible!
(This is a photo I took, I'm not a photographer)
She has made it possible for me to giveaway this ULTRA cool shirt!
Amanda Brand is a just a life-long geek dying to share her love of video games, fantasy, sci-fi, crafting, and, cosplay with the rest of Geekdom. By day she's a mild-mannered political science Ph.D [AMAZING!!!] student, and by night she is marathoning Star Trek on Netflix, sewing costumes and crafting props, and reading everything she can get her hands on. is dedicated to sharing these passions with people who are equally passionate, and, celebrating the women, and creativity within the geek subculture!

Amanda has been in each of the Female Geek Bloggers community's Con-At-Home panel thus far, and has created some amazing content at her blog Geekphoria! Be sure to check her out!!!

For the giveaway, use the Rafflecoptor below!

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  1. OMG, I JUST watched the Harley Quinn+Poison Ivy episode of the Batman animated series last night, haha. Red is so awesome in that with her girl power.

    Lessee, my favorite villain is a tie between Two-Face, Bane, and Talia al-Ghul, if she counts as a straight villain!

  2. That is such a cute shirt! Love it. I miss jumping rope, I should starts up again!

    Is it totally cliche if I choose the Joker? I just thought he was so well done by Heath Ledger.

    1. Not cliche at all! He's awesome!
      And Ledger did an amazing job!

  3. Ivy!!! I can't wait to see Gotham for her though why did they change her name?? I don't get it!!

    I really like that shirt! I saw her post about it on Geek Girl Bloggers! And I think I will try jump roping for a workout! Thanks!

    1. Jump Rope is an INCREDIBLE workout! It's insane!

  4. REALLY cute workout outfit this time~! I also really love Ivy and she got a great story in Gail Simone's new Batgirl Annual #2 <3

    My favorite Bat-family rogue, I think, isssss Victor Zsasz! To me, he's the scariest of them all! The Streets of Gotham arc with him in it a few years ago was so scary! Ahh! I also like Bane because he's incredibly smart and gentle towards the people he wants to protect... but can also break a few backs!

    (And if it counts, I also love James Gordon Jr! Bat-family rogues are all too good to just pick one!)

    1. It's so hard to pick! Catwoman and Joker are my ride-or-dies though...but I like most of them.

      I don't like Isley's person in the Annual per se, but the story is good! :)
      Also, I need to check out that Zsasz story line! Thanks!

  5. This is so cute, love Poison Ivy. Catwoman I love too!! Although, I didn't like Halle Berry playing Catwomen, haha!! xx

    1. Yeah, Halle's Catwoman movie was a CATastrophe all around!

  6. i had a friend that dressed up like poison ivy one halloween. she looked so good. always liked the character poison ivy. MAC is coming out with a Maleficent makeup line. Can't wait to see the movie.

  7. Poison Ivy is my favorite! She's on my cosplay to-do list! Ever since I saw the Batman and Robin movie (I know, bad movie to start me off with, but I loved it because I'm a cheesemonster apparently) I fell in love with her character. I think being able to seduce a man and knock him out with lip poison is what made her seem pretty awesome. Plus I love a redhead!

    Yay for giveaways! :) Thanks to you for hosting and for Amanda for providing the awesome shirt!

  8. Oh yes Poison Ivy! Love the shirt! And I totally must start skipping again in my workouts, such a good way to get a bit of cardio out of the way! :p

  9. I don't think I can choose between Harley and Ivy! I've loved them since I was a child. They are kick-ass ladies!

  10. Harley Quinn! She's so wicked; I even gave my baby girl the middle name "quinn" :)

  11. I wouldn't mind working out in that outfit. ^^

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