Buy All the Things Thursday! SDCC Exclusive Planning v. 1

IDK, but I do so love wishlists. Sure, I may not get everything on them, but they are a great way to either get over it, or, just wish upon an internet star!

First up, is something for the Chapstick Addict--like me! Also it coincides with yesterday's post (and this one from January).
Harls and Ivy Chapstick Gift set
Next, is a pretty painted figurine of one of my favorite magical girl anime heroines: Princess Tutu! The only thing is, that price is a bit too steep for me. But it's lovely--and hand painted!

Princess Tutu
Then my magical girl love continues to my first love: Sailor Moon! This is the brooch she wears as Eternal Sailor Moon, which was a part of the "final" series Sailor Moon Stars...which never got play. I'm super ecstatic for the reboot, because I know the Stars story line will make it here (though I own 4/5 series).
Eternal Sailor Moon Brooch
My sister is having twins: a girl and a boy! And my sister has always been a Superman, and, Wonder Woman fan, so these burb cloths are so awesome, cute, and SUPER for her!
Wonder Woman Burp Cloths
Last, we have my most desired SDCC Exclusive! Gosh these things are hard to get, but I will try...yet again this year. I lucked out last year...but Mattel needs to limit these to 2-3 per person...Not SIX. They are Manny Taur and Iris Clops! I think Iris is adorable!

My most desired San Diego Comic Con Exclusive
by Mattel
The people who have stalls on the floor get six, and then, have all of their family purchase six they sell out within an hour and a half from opening the con doors. But I MUST succeed (PS, if you get to get one, I'll throw on an extra $10 "finder's thank you" they are $40 as is...more than $50 is a bit steep to me). Anyway, I apologize in advance for any future gushing about these two that will (more-than-likely) happen again!

Cheers to you this weekend! Today is my Friday, and I must say, the reprieve is much needed!

Any plans this weekend?
ALSO! Check out Geekphoria's and my giveaway HERE!


  1. Those chapstick sets are so cute! And good luck on snagging those Monster High dolls!

  2. That chapstick set is too cute!! Good luck trying to nab one of those exclusive figures.

  3. Love the Harley Quinn chapstick. Lots of luck snagging the goodies you are wanting!

  4. I need this brooch, it's amazing :)))) x

  5. That chapstick giftset is to die for!!
    I love your picks. c:


  6. I also freaking love lists. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Those chapstick tins are the cutest Joie! I love wish lists too. Mine is never ending. LOL Have a great weekend doll.

  8. All of the items are cool, but I especially love the Sailor Moon brooch. ^__^


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