Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Being Featured at Pony Chops!!!

Today's post will actually be featured as a guest post on PonyChops!
Pony Chops is by the lovely Chantal!
Chantal is an animal lover, a chocolate enjoyer and, an amazing designer and illustrator!

You've probably seen her amzingly cute and fun Matryoshka (nesting dolls), or, my personal favorite: her shoes!!!

Not only does Chantal paint shoes with amazing designs (like this Adventure Time pair), but she also designs them for school, like this "Nature Rebranded" pair!

So, stay tuned to her blog to see this week's Workout Cosplay

Check out her Etsy Store here!


  1. Will do! Sounds awesome Joie!

  2. Sounds interesting doll, have a great weekend x

  3. Pony Chop's painted shoes are so well done! I love them!
    I also really like your new layout! :)


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