Liebster Award 2.0!

Say WHAT?!  I got Liebster Award again from the super-awesome Steph at Nerdjoy (check out her Liebster Award here)!

On my previous award--found here--I had to answer 11 questions and tag 11 people (if you're on that list...I would still like to see your answers;] ). However, for this one, there are five questions, and five nominees, so be sure to check them out, eh?

Without further ado:

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Monster High. Seriously. I think they're adorable. I can't help it. I call it "The Flinstone Effect" where, all the puns, and gadgets are "monster" themed (like "ghoulfriend" and "iCoffin" and "gore-geous"). LOVE them!
2. Who would be in your dream Comic Con meet and greet?
David Tennent, Yazawa Ai, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Joss Whedon. Seriously, I'd probably smile so much my face would be KILLING me, but it would be so awesome!
From Facebook...sorry

3. Spa day! What would be your ideal way to unwind?
Oooh...I've actually never been to a spa, so I like walking this resevoir out here, and, I also like to surf/swim to relax.

4. What has been your greatest achievement in life?
Ok, While getting married was awesome (I never thought that would happen, but am glad it did as he's perfect for me) I have to go with: Getting a picture with Stan Lee was pretty awesome!
"Uncle" Stan and I!!! (I was much less healthy here than before, and
my brother decided he was too stunned by Stan Lee's presence to get a picture with us)
5. How would you describe your blog in five words?
Geek tries to get fit!

And with this, here are my five questions:
1). Why did you start blogging, and what have you learned so far?
2). Describe your blog in 5 words (stolen from Steph) , or, write a haiku about your blog (5-7-5 syllables)?
3). What is your favorite song that perfectly describes your life? AND What is your favorite lyric from that song?
4). I'm recycling this one: You get to have lunch with three people: one historical (real), one fictional BOOK character, and one fictional film/TV character. Who are they, and, how do think this melding of minds would go?
5). What is your favorite Manga/anime? If you don't have one, which one have been interested in the most, but haven't seen?

And my nominees are:
1). Luka Riot @ Rando Calrissian - a totally amazing designer who creates things right up my alley! A little geek, a lot of metal and punk! Be sure to check out here label Hellhound Fashion!
2). Desiree @ The Skinny Geek Within- At Skinny Geek Within, Desiree shares her journey to get fit and healthy! Also, I'm learning a bit about Tennis from her via her blog!
3). Amber from The Shiny Happy - Amber shares her life, and loves on her blog, and has been knocking out items on her "35 before 35" list. (Psst! It's also her birthday month, soooo stop by and wish her a happy birthday!).
4). Kelsey @ April Sprinkles - Kelsey is a super nifty crocheter and knitter, and has created some geeky projects such as the cunning hat, Hogwarts house flowers, and, brain slugs (a la Futurama).
5). Victoria @ Pho Across America - Victoria is a wicked ace restaurant reviewer, and she specializes in one of the most glorious foods this world has been blessed with: Pho (pronounced: in "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads). Victoria also spotlights a lot of Asian culture; not just in food, but books as well!

Please be sure to check out everyone else's blog, and even if your not listed (since the list says five, I tried to limit myself), PLEASE feel free to share your answers in the comments, OR, totally do it on your blog cause I AM nominating you...NOW! (Let me know if you post your answers, I will put you up here on the post too!).

Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations on getting the award. It's always nice to receive one. ^^
    I've never been into Monster High, but then again, I haven't seen it. Is it really that good?

    1. I'm mostly obsessed with the dolls! But the show is a little silly. Also, if you wanted, I'd love to see your answers!

  2. Monster High. XD
    Mine would be LaLaLoopsie! Hehe...


  3. This was great, congrats. I love Monster high dolls, my oldest daughter has like 29 of them and a bunch of the accessories for them, haha. She's obsessed, but they are so cool. I wish I could have their styles really. Happy Monday doll xx

    1. I love them! And you have such great style Kizzy, you need to make a doll after you! But I know what you mean: they have fierce style!

  4. I was just about to say Kizzy's (the dainty dolls house) daughters like Monster High! HAHAHA You have to have a Spa Day Joie! You will feel so awesome afterwards.

    1. I've always wanted to try one!
      And I can't wait until my two new nieces are old enough to enjoy them (my current niece isn't "allowed" to play with them:-/ )

  5. Awesome Stan Lee picture! Jealous!! I've never taken a photo with him, although the past two years at MegaCon here in Florida, I've randomly run into him - this year, almost literally! I was scanning the crowd for a friend, and a rather large man physically moved me aside, and I turned around and came face to face with Stan Lee and one of his bodyguards! I froze and wished I had been wearing a Marvel cosplay instead of DC. :P

    1. He was at Comic Con 2008 (i swear it was 2008) in the Shonen Jump panel promoting his Manga collaboration for Ultimo, and he only took 3 questions, and mine was the last one, so I asked for a picture. No WAY was I letting that oppurtunity pass me by. ;]

  6. Congratulations with the award! :)

  7. Ahh thank you! I love your answers and I love that you met "the Man" Stan Lee! Super duper jealous! I did see him across a con and sat in his panel.. it twas awesome.

    And I totally agree with your dream con! Oooh that is too much awesomeness in one room!

    1. I like to call him Uncle Stan now...IDK why LOL!
      He's a funny bloke!

  8. Oh my god, I totally know those guilty pleasure feels! Monster High and Ever After High are a BIG TIME one for me because my boyfriend haaates it and thinks it's dumb. But, the designs of the dolls are so clever and the shows are so addicting, lmao.

    And luckyyyy, getting a photo with Stan Lee! He was at Motor City Comic Con but the line was insane!

    1. I LOVE EverAfter High too!! I found Ceris Hood, and CA Cupid (I still want the MH Cupid, though). I also need to get Raven Queen!

  9. Thanks again for the award! I had a lot of fun figuring out answers to your questions! Also, totally jealous you met STAN LEE! That's awesome :)

    1. I'm glad! I saw your answers and will try to comment tonight or, tomorrow!


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