Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Royal Sisters Elsa & Anna

To close out March's [Un]Official Princess Month, we're capping off with Princess Anna, and Queen Elsa!
I loved Frozen and, I'm dedicating this post to my little sister (whom I love too)! (^_^)

Let me start with Princess Anna!
Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Princess Anna

1). Anna's iconic magenta cape would have translated well to a hoodie...but that seemed too predictable, which Anna does not like. So, I figured, this vest would be good combination between her black vest, and cape.
2). I was debating this black longsleeve and a teal, but I felt like, with all the blue in frozen, the neutral of the black top would help break up the coloring and bring together the shoes!
3). These shoes in fact which have a GREAT combination of the colors featured, also have a cute polka dot design on the insignia!
4).I've worn pigtails while working out and the only problem for me were the whisps of hair that liked to poke me in the eye...not fun! So I think this headband is a great compliment to the overall outfit!
5). I'll admit it: I'm a huge Roxy fan! and so when I saw these capri's that have the Frozen teal band, and Anna's skirt blue, I couldn't help using them in this outfit!
6). And, just in case you're region is warming up and that long sleeve is a little to much to commit to, these sleeves (by Groovy Baby Action Gear, whom you know I LOVE!) would go great with this short sleeved tee.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Queen Elsa

1). I LOVE this sweatshirt! It's so cute, looks so warm, and you can't beat that design for Elsa! I like how it has a snowflake design and is in icy white and blue!
2). This icy blue shirt is perfect Elsa it even has a shimmery print that matches Elsa's iconic dress!
3). Let It Go with these awesome shoes! It has Free flex grooves that will "keep you ready for extra mileage" the way Elsa hiked from Arendelle to her snowy mountain!
4). As much as I love Elsa's hair, I don't think I would sport her bangs during a workout. So, this headband would be great for keeping those awesome bangs off of your face. Plus, it has 360 reflection on it so it will keep you safe, and have you sparkling a little bit like Elsa does! (sparkle-age= RADICAL!!!)
5). How AWESOME are these training leggings? They even have a glacial look to them, and, remind me of Elsa's ice castle!
6). Alright, I'm guilty...I love these sleeves! LOL! There are three different Elsa types, but these had that cool point towards the middle of the hand!

And since this post is unofficially a sister and/or besties/your sister from another mister ;) post, how awesome are these phone cases!
Matching Sister Frozen Cases

Elsa and Anna - Artwork by Teo Hoble
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Frozen won best animated feature (The Wind Rises was my next hope for winning) and it was well deserved. The music was so, so, so good, and Olaf was funny as heck too (whom I though I would not like btw). I wrote a small attempt at a review back in December after I saw it.

The workout I chose for this was based on two things: first, Anna's crazy rope climbing scene:
And, Elsa's dress and the shimmery shoulders:
Soooooo, here's a shoulder workout!!!

There were there things I wish the movie would have done differently? I would scream YES! in just as fervent a manner as I would exclaim my adoration for it! But I really like it! That disclaimer being said, if you haven't seen it yet, please skip the blue sentence below:
One of the things I loved the most about the movie was that the "true love" mentioned was not based on the typical prince/princess coupling. It was instead the love of family, and the bond that siblings--specifically sisters--share. That being said, I felt like the proper end to this month's princess theme would be Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!

Even if you don't have a sister, you probably have best friends that are sisters! These people are important and you would fight for them too! Your "Sister from another mister" (not to discount brothers).

And with that, I leave you with this "Sisters in Ice" Playlist!
Sisters R Cool Playlist by Joie_Fatale on Grooveshark

Also...the only parody of Let It Go you need to see (caution: language!)!

Have you seen Frozen?


  1. These are precious, love the style picks for each one. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it looks great :) x

    1. Thank you Kizzy! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! It's really cute!

  2. I've seen Frozen, and I thought it was OK, but I didn't love it... I feel strange, since everyone around me absolutely adores the movie... I must be from another planet... LOL. ^__^

    1. LOL nothing wrong with not liking it.
      One of my good friends thought it was "meh" but it was over-hyped for them before they got to see it.
      I really like the music and the change from the dashing man being the saving love, and instead, showing that the love of family is one of the truest forms of love.

      Also: Olaf! :)

  3. I love these! I really need to see this movie too! Maybe soon!

    1. I really enjoyed it. It took me by surprise, cause I wasn't sure I would!

  4. Aaahh, Scissor Sisters! Love them. :) Also, Let It Go has been my go to pump up/get ready for the day song! I really like Elsa's workout outfit but I'm totally Team Elsa anyway.

    1. Yay!
      And yes! I too am an Elsa fan! I love Idina! Also she has hair like Storm's!

      Did you hear the rest of the playlist? That Twisted Sister song was too perfect to not put on!

  5. Love these outfits - perfect interpretations!!

  6. I LOVE those phone cases. Better start saving my pennies. Nothing like dressing like a princess to make you feel better working out. :)

    1. Too true! Gotta love feeling like royalty while working out!

  7. I've never seen it, but I've heard it's awesome! I'm loving that purple and black together in the first set Joie. That vest is sharp and I love those trainers. Gorgeous.

    1. You should check it out! I get the feeling you'd like it!
      And I like the first set too! I want actually get all the things...when they go on sale ;)

  8. Great collection! I just love this movie too :)


    1. Thank you Teodora! And thanks for checking it out! :)

    Princess Anna for the win.
    Love these outfits. c:
    The iPhone cases are also too cute!!


    1. Thanks Harlynn! While I'm a Elsa fan, I'm pretty proud of the Anna outfit. :)


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