Recap, or, Where Has That Joie Gone?

Last week was a bit of a blur! the weekend of the 14-17 was a total blast. The Tenor and I had an actual weekend off together, which is a rare occasion with one of us working a M-F, 9-5 job, and the other in retail (meaning, our days off together are rarer than Legendary Birds) it was a big deal. That weekend also included our Second Anniversary! I REALLY enjoyed the weekend.

We started off with a visit to the North Park Farmer's Market where we got lots of organic, FRESH (seriously, you can actually taste the difference!) food! One of my favorite discoveries was Coastal Local Coffee! They even remembered the Tenor and I this past week when we went again; the hubby doesn't "like" coffee, but he's enjoyed their's so far (here is their Fb Page)
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Friday and Saturday we spent walking Lake Miramar which is this perfect five mile reservoir (IDK we call it "Lake" it's just the nickname that stuck to it). There are 1/4 mile markers so that if you want to do only 3 miles, you can walk to 1.5 and walk back to your car! It's a GREAT exercise spot, and I really love it! There are bunnies, ducks, geese, and hawks all around. Also it overlooks much of the center of San Diego. On a clear day not only can you see the neighborhood of Mira Mesa, but, you can see all the way to Downtown and La Jolla and the coast (unfortunately the Marine Layer often prevents this view, but you can still see La Jolla).

It's one of my favorite places to exercise during cool weather.

For our anniversary we FINALLY saw The Lego Movie!!! It was (as I'm sure you've already heard) AWESOME! Everything was awesome!!! ;) We also got our "Cotton" gifts for each other as this anniversary called for it (we are trying to do the "traditional" gifts cause it's fun to do prompts, but still shop for each other individually for each other) from Hot Topic. I got some awesome Maleficent socks (I LOVE fun socks!!!) and Reggie got some pants for our Comic Con cosplay idea! It was kind of perfect actually, they had them in his size!

That went to our favorite restaurant Muzita Abyssinian Bistro which serves Ethiopian food (there are veggie and vegan options too)! That place is so good! We love it...a LOT! If I was rich, I'd eat there once a week! Saint Patrick's we went to Callahan's for Irish Nachos and Green Beer!
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This week went by pretty fast. We got to visit a friend who is a chiropractor.


If you haven't been to one, may I suggest getting an alignment once just to check it out(you know, like for you, not your car)? We went on Wednesday, and I was carrying a LOT of stress in my jaw (I clench my jaw from stress...soooo more often than I should) and our friend has what's called an "Activator" device (this) he used it on the sides of my jaw...I forgot what my jaw felt like pre-stress, but I immediately felt a difference! I also got an alignment and it was amazing!

Unfortunately This weekend I haven't been up to anything too geeky music or comic or book wise. But I'm trying to change that with the last few wee hours left on today!

OH! And some great news, I'm hoping to start some PT (physical training) with my sister's fiancee! I'm excited to spend time with the both of them, and, get to know my future brother in law even more!

Another exciting thing happening this week is, we will learn the sexes of my sister's twins this weekend!!! I'm so stoked! I've been calling them the "baby cakes" so far cause they are fraternal twins (this is all we know so far). I kind of "hope" they are boy/girl cause it would be REALLY fun! But no matter what, I know I will be a VERY excited auntie (more excited than Pinkie Pie)!
Also, it's the year of the horse...I feel like my nicknames are validated!
Any who, this end of the month seems to be speeding a snowball gather material and speed!!!
But, that means soon we will be into April, and I am really hopeful that there will be showers! We need the rain here and darn it: I want those May flowers!

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and The Tenor! <3

    Next time you're at Lake Miramar, take a pic and share the view! ^_^

    Alignments are amazing. After my last injury in roller derby my PT ordered me to see one once a week for a bit. Best prescription EVER! Sadly, the results weren't long lasting and I had to see an orthopedic surgeon, but it felt good :P

    1. Wow Soph! That's so cool! I've been wanting to try out Roller Derby for a LONG time now! Is that where "Sophierocious" comes from?

      And Alignments=my new best friend!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! It sounded like you guys had a blast! Ive been considering going to a chiropractor because I feel a bit broken! Your post has made me want to look into it some more for real!

    And I'm looking forward to my trip to Seattle/ECCC!! I can't wait!

    1. Thanks Usagi! And it really was a great weekend! I would highly recommend it. There's a chain of Chiropractors called "The Joint" I would check them out as they have a low price for first timers.

      AWESOME! I can't wait to see you ECCC pics! Will you be cosplaying.

  3. Happy Anniversary Joie! You've been busy! Organic DOES taste better. There IS a difference. Can't always afford it. HAHAHA But I love it. I have to see your maleficent socks! Have you put them on social media yet? I haven't been on instagram a lot. Green beer! YUM!!!! St. Paddy's Day! I love walking in the park. That's going to be one of my blog posts soon. You'll get to see the one I walk in.

    1. Very good! But I hate the price, though, it does make me use all my groceries, and, budget how much I eat, so I feel it may even out with the exeption of cooking for guests!
      I am excited to see the pics!

  4. So rad that you finally had some time together. It has been a long time since I've been to a famers market, your coffee makes me want to go.

  5. I swear to you I saw Frozen with my mom, and one of the previews was about a lady who looked just like the Wicked Stepmother Witch in Snow White. It was called Maleficent.
    My mom and I looked at eachother and I asked "is that like the name of that stepmom bitch in snow white?"
    My mom pondered and replied "You know, I don't know"

    Now I'm super psyched to see it! ^_^
    I'd bring you if you lived closer. Pff. >.>


    1. LOL! Harlynn, you had me at "stepmom b*tch"!
      But actually, she's the AWESOME evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty! I'm, so, so sooooo excited to see it.
      May might just be dedicated to her!

  6. Am so happy your anniversary was sweet :) I love fun socks too! I need to take my girls to see this lego movie, looks good & they will enjoy it. Your sister is having twins, that is so wonderful...I hope she is well. That will be a fun and exciting new addition to the family!! I hope you have a great week doll xx

  7. Oh what a super fun and all around awesome weekend! Happy belated anniversary! I just love San Diego! I've only been once, but I have proclaimed it to be the most beautiful city that I've ever been too and I do truly hope to go back one day!

    And I really really need to go see the Lego Move!


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