Product Review: Costume Running Sleeves by Groovy Baby Action Gear

On Wednesday I showed some groovy sleeves from Groovy Baby Action Gear!

Shop owner, Katie Dean makes these totally awesome sleeves as well as calf sleeves to complete a running cosplay look, and some fun flair! They're great for warmth, flair, and for danger-prone-Daphne's (like your's truly) a buffer against scrapes!
Ariel calf sleeves!!!

Buzz Lightyear!!!
"As a chronic over-user of the word "awesome" and someone who regularly abuses exclamations points, I have landed in my ideal place in the world. A runner myself, I started Groovy Baby Action Gear to celebrate the euphoria of the finish line. I also decided it was time to provide some seriously fun running and cosplay options for all those quirky, fun events that seem to keep popping up everywhere we go.
I strive to celebrate the uniqueness of every character, athlete and individual so if you have an idea for a pair of custom sleeves, hit me up and we'll co-create just the right pair for you!"

In addition to the items in her shop, Katie is working on some more AWESOME character designs, and she looks forward to creating sleeves: JUST. FOR. YOU.!!!
Be sure to check out her shop here:
Groovy Baby Action Gear
And now for my first review!

These Little Mermaid sleeves are first and foremost: FUN!!! They are a pretty poison green, with a sparkly, shiny  scaled print (sorry, my phone is my camera, so I don't feel I'm doing them justice). Also, these could double as Poison Ivy props too!!!

The fabric is stretchy, and breathable, but sewn fitted so they won't slip and slide down your arms, but they are not suffocating or overly tight. I ran with them Monday and Tuesday. Monday was very warm and where I was running it was 78 degrees with a small breeze, and I didn't feel overheated at all with them on. Tuesday was more like 64 (I was even running at the same place!) and the sleeves kept me warm enough while my body heated up from running. I also like that if they are too warm, they aren't bulky like a long-sleeve, or sweatshirt, and can fold up really small and fit in a fanny pack or pockets (yup, you read that correctly: I occasionally have run with a fanny pack...keys).

Though they are meant primarily for costume fun runs (which I totally want to, and will do!) they are officially a part of my go to for spring cardio!

I give them 5/5 Kirby's!!!

Be sure to check out Groovy Baby Action Gear!


  1. Those are too awesome (I abuse it too, hehe)!!
    Perfect for little mermaid cosplay. c:
    I favorited her shop, she's got some nifty sleeves!
    Thanks for sharing. c:


    1. Awesome! (ditto on the abuse of the word LOL!)

  2. Adorable! I need to buy some of her stuff! I want everything!

    1. RIGHT?! It's like: "where do I even start?!"

  3. Replies
    1. Totally! And she has so many different kinds!!!

  4. Joie, they are cute and fun! A themed run does sound like fun. Great review and they look fabulous on you. Glad they worked for you :D

    1. Thank you Kim! It's my first product review...first non-movie review too! They are really awesome! I'm love them!

  5. Replies
    1. Great point Cazz!
      Especially since I have an Orange Workout shirt...I need to make this happen!

  6. These are so fun, I like it!! Super review doll x

    1. Thank you Kizzy! :)
      And they are my new favorite thing! I really need the Buzz Lightyear ones!


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