Get Your Geek On! (Weekend Recap!)

This past weekend was a blast!
Friday night kicked it off with:  BODY BEAST!

I started lifting some weights with my friend B!
Here's a glimpse of Body Beast in action (I use lighter weights). Starting today I'm going to try and get T25 in before going to B's!

Also, B and her hubby (who was The Tenor's best man, and The Tenor was his) have a puppy and a kitty!!! I'm actually a allergic to little Dove, but she's so cute!!! I can't help it! Here's a post work out walk where Dove decided to play Pirate's Parrot for me! I

Arrr! Dove be a cat that likes to go on walks!
Then Saturday morning, I got to hang out with the lovely ladies from our San Diego Nerd Girls Meet up!
It was a lot of fun just plain old geeking out with some of my fellow geeky/nerdy ladies! We talked shop, and shared books and went over comic con plans as well! Check out The Nerdy Girlie's (who organized this meet up: Thank you Megan!!!!) recap here! It was a GORGEOUS day!

Check out these ladies groovy content:

  • Gen and Autumn put out an amazing nerdy podcast called Nerd In Transit which I finally got to listen to Saturday and Sunday! These ladies are HILARIOUS beyond all belief! Also Gen has done the most AMAZING Lady Loki cosplay ever! And Autumn, had me at (in reference to the book I brought) "Is that a Thursday Next book?" 
  • Rebecca is an artist and writer and she has an adorable and fun web comic called Little Vampires! I LOVE classic monster movies, and since I've started reading this Saturday afternoon, I've been grinning at how genuinely fun the comic is! There's not just vampire, but also Frank (Frankenstein's monster), and Wolfie (wolfman!). This comic in particular had me literally LOL!
  • Tomika is a fellow book-lover and artist! Her blog features some great reviews and book musings at her blog book/art/love!
  • Brooke  is the writer of The Adventure is Afoot (who had a GREAT countdown to Sherlock series) and I'm excited to read what's next as her countdown to..., and her Sherlock recaps were really fun reads!
  • The lovely Syl made us these awesome bookmarks for our book themed meet! All of us were stunned/happy/squeed! It's like having a little bit of Benedict of our own! Seriously: Thank you!!!!

Thank you @syllykay!
Sunday after church we went to this eat out as a group, and we all sang AC/DC and Journey and Meatloaf at our dining table...we were those people.
Hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

What did you do this weekend? Any plans for this upcoming one?


  1. Sounds like you had a fab weekend. I did what I have been doing most weekends lately, which is walking, since the weather is so beautiful and springlike. ^^

    1. That's good! I'm planning on doing some walking/running today (rather than T25) if I have enough time!

  2. That is awesome! Looks like a wonderful weekend and the bookmark is epic! Love it! <3

    1. Thank you Desiree!
      Oh! I need your email I have a question for you!

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Love your new bookmark! :) I was sending my last days in Spain this past weekend. I had a blast!

    1. OMG! How was Spain!?!? I cannot wait to hear/read about it!!!

  4. Joie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your workouts! They sound like they're a blast girl. That picture of you and Dove is priceless! Such a pretty cat! Glad you hung out with your friends. I've never been to a Comic Con. We just had one here, but it didn't seem as exciting as I've seen in other places.One day, I'll have to go to one. I just read your comment. You are too awesome. I'll have the facial cleansing cloth review up next week.

  5. Awww, Dove is too cute! I love when cats sit on your shoulder like a parrot.
    Who needs a parrot when you have a cat? Haha.
    That meet up sounds like tons of fun! c:
    This weekend was pretty boring for me, but hopefully next weekend will be better. c:



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