Work and Workouts Playlist!

To be honest, since Monday, this week has been productive, but INTENSE!
I'm kicking butt and taking names, but I'm really tired. I haven't even had a chance to read.

I am REALLY proud though! I caught up, and SHREDDED through some work these last three days. So much so in fact, that by the end of this week, I am hoping our team will be ahead of the curve!!!

I will resume Wednesday workout cosplays next week.

I work in an office environment. Sometimes the best way to just kick tail at work, is to listen to music that make you wanna kick tail. The tail I want to kick? Mine! I want to kick it in to shape. I've been failing at it a bit.

But I thought I'd share a playlist that, while not necessarily #CK4C inspired, has been getting me through most of this week, and is run/cardio friendly.

In other words, a bit drum and guitar heavy with some great timing/syncopation for one's pace! Well, at least I think so! (I can NEVER not run to The Donna's cover of Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself. It's PERFECT for my pace, and has the right kind of Grrrl growl to keep me all: "frak yeah! I can do this!" And well, I LOVE I apologize for it's lack of flow, but I'm not sorry it's a great movie! :-P ).

Admittedly, I also listen to musicals, scores, and classical at work. But these songs were on heavy rotation this week, and it's been awesome!

Each of these songs are feel good one's for me when I'm at work. I'm totally working for the weekend this week!

My brother will be in town from Northern California for his birthday (we share this month! Joint birthday party? I think so!). I'm really excited to see him as I haven't seen him since Comic Con last year!

What are your go to motivating songs? What are your plans this weekend?


  1. I love your playlists! Can you come DJ my life?

    1. I wanted to be a DJ in high school.
      My back up was "Movie Soundtrack Creator" for movies LOL

      If I could Mariko I would. Let me know if there's any event you need playlisted.
      And, what genre's you don't like. :)

  2. Music always helps you get through anything! :D

    1. It really does, Kim!
      I'm a total pace person. The faster the music the faster I run/work/clean/etc. And on the flip side the slower, the easier to relax sometimes (though when I have migraines, I listen to Punk music at a volume of "1" and it helps my head. Nostalgia based, me thinks).


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