Weekly Intentions #13

1). Cleaning & Organizing- On the 22nd we will be having guests and I want to clean, clean, CLEAN!!! And my husband is more of an organizer (confession: I'm a "hide-it-under-the-bed" cleaner). So I want to clean and organize. But as you may have noticed I get stressed/over-whelmed quite easily. So, I'll start now, and take it slow!
SOOO true!!! via

2). Paperwork - I have some paper work to fill, shred, and file. I guess that goes with number one, but...ugh! No one likes this. But...responsability, am-I-right?!

3). Valentine's - Not really into it, but I want to get my mom, dad, and, the Tenor a little something just to say I consider them special on this day for loving others (I don't thing it has to be a day for loving your lover, I think it's a great day to let your friends and family know they matter to you...otherwise...I have mixed emotions about the day).

4). Craft project - I have a craft that I started over the summer. I just need to work on it. It's almost done. It's simple. I just need to finish it. I'm so ashamed...

5). Puella Magi Madoka Magica - I REALLY need to just finish this. I keep post poning it, to make it last longer.
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All right! Let's get this week started!!!

What's a goal of your's for this week?


  1. I just wanted to say, that sewing kitten gif IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE SEEN ALL DAY!

    That is all.

    1. LOL!
      Glad I could add some cuteness to your day! :D

  2. Ahh I totally relate to the first and second one a lot! I tend to stress out and get overwhelmed by cleaning, too. My fiance tells me to break it down into parts rather than look at it as a whole. Does this help? KIND OF!
    I hate paperwork. Period. (I am still halfway through getting taxes done, haaa)
    I have some crafts that I started almost four years ago. I FEEL TERRIBLE.

    1. LOL! Your drawing reminded me about a craft (the you hadn't worked on in a while). I was like "Oh...I have something I need to finish too). Thanks for reminding me ;)

  3. Joie, you have me cracking the F up! LMFAOOOOOOOOOO These gifs are just too funny girl. I have to clean with music playing also. I don't know what it is, but it makes it go by faster. I hate paperwork! Just as I throw shit out, more mail comes (magazines etc.) I'm like! And GEICO won't stop! I get something twice a week from them. Good luck girl.

    1. LOL! Geico is 52% of my "to shred" pile...52%!!!
      Why won't they leave us alone?!

      "Dear Geico,
      Neither Kim nor I wish for your services.
      Bugger off!
      Kim and Joie"

  4. Busy! I need to do all that stuff, but I work all week. Luckily a lot of my stuff is still packed away for a future move, so I don't have as much stuff. Also, Mariko is right, sewing kitten is adorable! Have fun! listen to music while you clean. :p

    1. I work all week normally. I took the 13th off (Valentine's so the hubby and I don't have to deal with the hoopla over the weekend).
      Good job on being all packed up! Are you ahead of schedule?

  5. great post! This is just so so fun. I like!

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  6. Replies
    1. Me too! I remember someone had them in elementary school.
      I was so jealous!
      I think I kept it with my "Sticker Collection" cause it was so rad.
      I probably have it some where.


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