Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Intentions #12

1). Swim- Got to swim twice last week. Not bad, but not my ideal from last week, so this puppy is back up here! I want to improve my times too! Also, I feel really happy when I’m done.
2). Buttons- some for me, some for friends. Photoshop Extracurricular Activities!!! Also, practice for it too!
3). Learn Three NEW Words- This will be on these Intentions more than once. I want to both learn new words, and refresh my memory on others. Pretty excited to start doing this!
4). Do Three New Exercises- Whether they are brand new, or, new to routine, I’d like to try and do three new ones each month. No Plateau!
5). Listen More, Speak Less- difficult, because when I get really excited, or passionate…I pretty much turn into a puppy. I wiggle in my seat, even. But I do listen, but I want to listen more intentionally. And maybe work on being less of a puppy LOL. Seriously though, I like meeting people, and when I do I either clam up, or, I get really excited.

This week I will post a recap of the AWESOME time I had with some fellow geeky San Diego gals! It was so, so, SOOOOO fun!
I can without a doubt, and with all sincerity say: this is something I have been truly missing from my life! Thank God for the internet! LOL
I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. listening is key! i learned that awhile back (much older than you. hahaha). we often miss so much by not listening enough. learning new words is great! i try to learn new things everyday. that's why i love blogging.

    1. I agree Kim! Blogging is so ideal for learning new things, and meeting new people! It’s a great perspective changer, and helps you learn about other ways of thinking. The best bonus is new friends! 

  2. This is extremely cute! I like it. Thank you too for all the Comic Con help! Lucky girlie to be by the beach and beautiful city! I hope to get out there. Hope you had a fun weekend!

    1. Aw! Thanks Suteki! :)
      I did have a blast this weekend! So much so that I didn’t get to complete some of my blogging goals (but it was so fun this weekend, it was worth it!)

      I am wishing you luck for SDCC! I do love this city! I hope you come visit regardless. It really is nice—albeit, expensive at times.

      Wish me luck this Saturday! I’m going to be stressing about it all morning as the pre-registration is that morning!

  3. Learning new words and re-learning old ones is a great goal! I subscribe to's Word of The Day, and it's really surprising how many words there are for things that you wouldn't think there was a word for, or that one concept may have 4 or 5 words attributed to it. The word for today is "farceur" which means 1. a joker; wag. 2. a writer or director of or actor in farce... LOL

    Also, listening better is also a great goal! I don't think enough people do this!

    1. I should do the word a day. I have some GRE flash cards, and I DO need to go back to school.
      But I also need to re-learn some sociology terms and, refresh my memory on my Japanese.

      So, I have a few choices.
      But I will add "farceur" to this week's list! :)
      Thanks Danielle!

  4. Learning new words is so much fun. My hubby is also an English lit major, so we like to quiz each other sometimes to bone up.