Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Annie from Being Human

Ok, small confession:
I LOVE Being Human! I love both the US and UK versions. The UK version I watched first, and I like their werewolf concept better, and **sigh**the vampire Mitchell (whom you may know as Kili in The Hobbit films).

But we're here to talk about the UK's Annie!

via I

One of my goals last week--and all year for that matter, was to try 3 new exercises. One of those is yoga. I've been having a lot of work and SDCC related stress. Luckily the latter is no longer an issue (queue fan fare!). I have a yoga DVD that is supposed to help calm your nerves, and so for that reason, I thought I'd focus on a yoga inspired outfit via this ghost girlie!

Let's start with that cozy-of-coziest sweaters shall we? This sweater I actually saw at my local Target, And it looks so comfy! Perfect for bundling up and keeping yourself warm after a hot yoga session and heading out into the cold!

While Annie seems to prefer the quintessential white tank, I veered to a more athletically friendly top (in case one wants to switch things up, and go running?).

This tank has some cool pixelated print too, so, win-win-win!

Additionally, yoga, here's the thing: I looked for some, but for some reason, I couldn't find a single pair I liked, that would also transition to a cardio based workout. And then I remembered: ZUMBA! And I found these little leggings and they looked pretty comfy too!

If you do some yoga, and want to keep those toes warm, try these gripped toe socks:

And after yoga, or swim, or an activity you want to keep comfy and warm. I'm not usually a fan of shoes like this, except to keep warm. But to each her own eh? Also, these remind me a little of Annie's boots, but a post-Workout friendly version!

And in case you want to do some Zumba, running, or weights:

image: adidas adipure Trainer 360 Shoes Q34792
Like I said stress reduction yoga! And you know what I like about YouTube? FREE exercise videos! It's also, a good cool down stretch!

Also! Check out this video inspired by Robsen Green who plays the werewolf McNair!

I will leave you now with a ghostly-HIIT/ moderate-jog inspired playlist:


  1. You had me sold at Kili! I've always meant to watch Being Human but just never got around to it. Do you find the UK version better (it usually is....)?

    I just recently started with yoga but need to find a time to fit it in and keep going with it.

    1. Honestly: I love them both!
      I've been catching up on the US version.

      But, if I could ONLY watch one, UK, the werewolf is more traditional (which I'm splitting hairs on that, I'll admit, but I like the style). But the US one is really good too! different show. pilot is similar, and Annie and Sally's death are the same, but how they deal and the stories within each show differ. The first seasons do bare some similarities though.
      Thanks for coming by.

  2. I tried watch the UK version, but I didn't actually like the new Annie. I preferred the one from the pilot. That said, those yoga socks are definitely on my wish list now.

    1. New Annie? Man I gotta rewatch the pilot...I don't remember this.
      **rushes of to Netflix...probably ends up binge-watching again**

  3. those would be great yoga outfits. love them joie and YES, youtube has awesome workout videos.

  4. I haven't seen any of these, but now I might have to check them out!

    Glad I found your blog, btw, always great to find a fellow book lover :)

    1. Oh! Let me know what you think about them! Their really fun shows!
      And I'm glad to hear (er, read? LOL) you're a book lover too!


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