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I've been really grateful for a few posts this week regarding info and research in the universes here, near, and far far away!

This post about breaking into the Star wars Expanded Universe made me ecstatic! I've been looking for a place to start and Have You Nerd has made it easy! I pinned the entry as I'm still at Camp Half-Blood reading Percy Jackson but plan on starting this year. I suggest you check it out too.

Sherlock is (FINALLY) having its series/season 3 US airing TONIGHT. If you want to read a GREAT countdown, checkout The Adventure is Afoot and read her 15 Days of Sherlock series! It's been making me both more anxious for it to start, as well as giving me a much needed fix for my Sherlock addiction! 

Comic-Con has me hyperventilating every time I even think about it. Last year this time I already had my badge. So yeah I'm freaking out a bit. Luckily The Nerdy Girlie is like my Comic-Con Mr Miyagi! She's been keeping me sane between this post, and, this one. Check out all her posts on Comic Con. Like Scar so famously sang: "Be PREPAAAAAARED!!!!"

Do you like Vietnamese food? If yes (or, if you've never had it) be sure to check out: Pho Across America! Written by my good friend Victoria--who I have known since we took Japanese together back in 2006. PAA follows Victoria on her many travels both here and abroad. She primarily highlights her visits to different Pho restaurants and how each place's version of this iconic dish grades/differs!

On the weight loss front, I appear to be...stagnant. I gained, and lost. So that 2 pounds I lost, is still lost but I think that's it...for now!

I've been doing T25 and trying to get some running and walking in too. My measurements are the same, but I'm firming up! I can see the difference!
This next week I plan on getting my FAVORITE exercise in: swimming! The only drawback is after swimming I am famished! Which means: make sure to have healthy provisions on hand!

Also, I've been grabbing some resources for one of my cosplays. The one thing I am unsure of is make up.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm looking for facepaint and possibly body paint (but I might use tights reconstructed as sleeves etc.

Have you found anything fun this week on the internet that you just can't get enough of?


  1. I watched Sherlock for the very first time last night. They showed it after Downton Abbey. It's really good. One of my readers loves that show. So it was great checking it out. Keep exercising! Don't let anything dissuade you. :)


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