Weekly Intentions/Goals #9

1.       T-25- Keep up the good work! Keep on doing it!
2.       Animal Crossing: New Leaf- kind of afraid to look at my town. Need to get down to business on this!
3.       Hang-out day- The Tenor and I just need a good old fashioned, no-Telly included hang out day together! I want to make sure this happened Thursday, and so, it’s in the calendar. Oh, and life: “you best not be getting in the way”
4.       Lost & Found- lost some washi tape (literally disappeared on me dude). Need to find that sucker!
5.       Arms- so it’s going to be a freezing(sarcasm) 80 degrees Fahrenheit **eye-role** here in San Diego tomorrow (seriously, is it January? Or is this a practical joke?). as much as the “winter” is acting like late spring, I guess it’s good as it will remind me to workout my arms for tanks and tee weather…especially since the temperature will a reminder.
On a side advertisement note:
Winter weather getting you down? Cold snow and torrential flurries bumming you out this winter? Well, visit sunny San Diego—America’s Finest City—and escape it all this winter!
San Diego is experiencing a bit of late-summer/early spring, and the water is pretty warm at the beaches!
Ok, just kidding—unless you are looking to escape, then by all means, this place is fantastic. I love my town…just not our “winter.” LOL
Do you have any mini goals for this week?


  1. It's hovering somewhere between 10-20 degrees where I live, so that 80 degree weather sounds pretty nice right now!
    I would say my weekly goal is to make it through the first week of the spring semester on a good first step. (It's mostly syllabus stuff and not quite crazy yet though)...

    1. Good luck with school! I miss being in school alot!
      oooooh! 20 sounds fun...10 scares me LOL! I have one winter appropriate outfit for that kind of cold.
      All my other winter gear is for 50-60 (cold to us Southern Californians). At 50 we deck out in scarves. LOL

  2. love your mini goals joie. i think sometimes those are better than making overall goals. they're a lot more achievable. san diego sounds nice. the football team is in the playoffs :D

    1. Yeah! I think the Chargers did ok on Sunday considering (I thought the Broncos were going to win by a landslide tbh). I am a Raider and Cowboys fan though LOL

      Thanks Kim, and yeah, the mini goals are way easier to attempt!
      I saw it on this blog: http://www.thecluelessgirl.com/2013/10/making-it-count-my-weekly-intentions.html

      It's kind of good for me as it's a loosely parametered focus, and 5 (or 3, or 7 or 10, etc.) makes it something I can go for and easily conquer...though not always lol

  3. My goals are just to stay alive during the first week of the new semester! :)

    1. Good luck Mia! You got it!
      Be sure to enjoy it all too!

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah, it's a bit insane! My allergies have been torturing me!


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