Progress Report - In Picture

Happy first Friday of 2014!

So I'm going to share this brief, but very personal post with you all. I've been running and lifting some Kettle bells to lose weight.

I've lost a bit of poundage, but a significant amount in inches, at least for me. So, I'm going to do two things I didn't think I would do, but I think I NEED to do to keep me on the right track. I WILL cosplay this year! I will be strong! I AM seeking to inspire!

First - Confession! I am 5'3"...and currently weigh 174.7. That's not HEALTHY for my all.
And for the second here's a picture of my progress (as seen on my Instagram):

Like Ash, I want to be [my] very best, like no one ever was!!!!

And so this Blastoise (how I feel and am proportionally),
Blastoise from Bulbapedia
is trying to wiggle her way down to a tiny turtle Squirtle!
By ItsBirdy
I'm not trying to look like anyone (though yeah I feel that pressure...a LOT). But I am going to look my best!

This week I am really inspired by all the people I know in real life and the blogging life trying to make good choices too. It's the beginning of the year, and a beginning for a new way of living life!

Its tough but: YOU CAN DO IT!!!


  1. joie, you can do it doll. don't concentrate on results. just do. exercise, watch what you eat and most importantly LIVE!!! the weight will come off. i need to do the same. i will definitely encourage you :)

  2. hey girl i'm right around the same height and weight as you. i'm also hoping to cosplay at NYCC this year in October. so to do so....i gotta shed the poundage! maybe we can keep each other motivated :D

    1. I would love that! Also, would you like to do a guest post about your goals? I'm trying to grab a few geeky girls who are in this same boat! Maybe together, we can all safely paddle to our con dreams (running with the boat analogy...)


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