Harley Quinn Workout Inspiration

Good morning Puddin' s!

Today's Cosplay fitness gear features one of my favorite femme fatales. She's just written so well. She's effervescent and evil (but in an oddly innocent way). Crazy, and cute. 

She manages to hold the eye of one the most notorious men ever created--well, better than anyone else at least, other than Bats. And honestly: home-girl is hot to trot!

Yup, we are talking about none other than Dr. Harleen Quinzel M.D., better known by her more notorious--and "surprisingly" apt--moniker Harley Quinn. 

Not going to lie, I had a hard time finding cute Harley items for working out that were...well, affordable/reasonable. But looking at most workout clothes...very little of it is. I decided to share two different looks for this particular villainess (and sometimes heroine...at least to me LOL).

First I am inspired by the sport I'm jumping back into this week: SWIMMING! Water is the one thing I'm less body conscious. I'm not featuring a cute swimsuit...but more of a athletic working out suit!
The traditional lap swim suit can be, well boring, even if the colors are perfect and Our Lady of Perpetual Mischief (can I get a "Here! Here!" on calling her this?) deserves something a bit more shiny:
But if you want some more flattering tanlines, and easier changing than this thing (**raises hand** I'm a total deck-changer if I have to), or, to REALLY motivate yourself into working out, well, here's a performance two piece:

From here & here

But check out this one that Mariko from Gamer Wife showed me! So FUN!!!

Dr. Quinzel was athletic before she became Quinn. She was a gymnist! If you're not a gymnast these next items are also good for running/yoga/weights/general training, and more importantly casual gymnastics training from home...you know, so you too can be Harley Agile!

While, I'm not sure if Harley is a cheetah print girl, we can just pretend its hyena print right? Right! I'm not usually a cheetah print girl! It's got some pizzazz like her, and I can totally see her rocking this while she walks the "dogs" or, post workout to keep from catching a cold. But anyway, I really think this jacket is cute:

These leggings are cute, but a bit pricey! I do like the black panels on the outside of the calf, and (if you follow the link) the leggings are hemmed on to give a great Harley-esque boost to your own **ehem** ASSets.  Seriously, if these leggings really do shape "what yo' mama gave you," well, maybe they're worth the investment? I'll leave that up to you.
From NinBRoze on etsy
If  like me you like affordable, I would stick with these compression capris as they are HALF the price, and a more trusted workout brand:
And, most importantly, you gotta own working out to be like Harley! This athletic fitted shirt is perfect whether you're lifting--so you can have guns to carry guns with punching gloves at the end (or bags of cash)--or, if you need to work on your sprinting and running like you're running from Batman! Or, like Dr. Quinzel, take up gymnastics! Either way, this shirt totally gives you credit as the maven of mischief, while still providing plausible deniability!
via (I am totally ordering this!)
For either of these workouts the two following items will come in handy:
First is the much needed sports bag. I prefer the backpack type as I always feel like I am slanting to one side with the over the shoulder type (though the OtS usually is easier to open and see in). I thought this one was a good one (those buckles are great for holding your shower/pool towel versus it being in your bag...trust me on this one):
And this cute key ring would be great to hold your locker keys, or if you're running, carry some cash in case you need to pick up some Gatorade in the middle of your jog, or, from the pool/gym's vending machine. Why carry the whole wallet?:
And last but not least, a workout! If you've never been in gymnastics (or need an at home refresher), this is a workout inspired by gymnasts, but is more living room friendly. Though, I would suggest a pull up bar as you will need them to scale small buildings and pull yourself onto rooftops--you know, to get away from Bats, his boy blunder, and the PoPo!

(OK, I still can't do a pull up, but I'm hanging like nobody's business!)

Any way, I hope you enjoyed this, and get out there and work out like you're Harley preppin' to break out Mistah J from Arkham!

I will be! ;)


  1. Joie, you did an excellent job putting this together. I love HQ and that tee is just too cute for words.

    1. Thank you!
      I am really loving the tee shirt!!

  2. It's so funny that you're using Harley Quinn as your inspiration this week. I just found this: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/169916983/harley-quinn-batman-pin-up-bathing?ref=listing-shop-header-3, which would be perfect!
    Also, remember that episode of BTAS where Harley & Poison Ivy team up for a Thelma & Louise style crime spree? The best.

    1. That's too cute! I added a link to it! I might need to order one of those too!

      And yes! I LOVE that episode!!! Batman the Animated series was such a solid show!

  3. YES!!!!!!!! This is so good. I love the leggings and ht backpack. I would totally maybe kinda exercise if I was wearing this. OMG!!!!

    1. LOL! Maybe kinda!
      Swimming is fun and easy, and heck if you have a solid game of marco polo you just shuffling around in the water should burn calories like crazy! (if you do water polo muscles will be built, promise!)

  4. Those workout tights with that Harley shirt... it's splendid! I would totally dress like Harley if it gets the Joker's attention... bwhahaha!
    I hope you have a plethora of more characters that you're going to do this of... I really enjoy it!

    1. Haha! Yes! "...if it gets the Joker's attention..." Love it!

      Thanks! I do actually! And what great is there are a lot of colors for work out clothes now-a-days, and--even better--there are some etsy sellers and companies making geeky/fandom based work out designs!

      I am so glad you enjoy it! I'm having a blast with this series!

  5. Hi Joie, I came across your blog through Kim's. Getting to the post topic, I think U should dress up - at least metaphorically speaking - like this character, to feel less naive and more self-confident :-)
    It was a pleasure stopping by!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    International giveaway - Trendy staple for Spring2014

    1. I agree! Also, since one of my goals is to Cosplay this year, why not start with exercise gear/outfits!
      Thank you for stopping by Coco!


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