Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 to you!
I'm going to start the year by sharing some of my favorite blogs!

xo Mia
Mia Moore  - Mia is an amazing Cosplayer, and snazzy dresser (check out her Daily Outfit tag here) from Texas. She has just posted some of her plans for her cosplays this year and I am uber excited to see them. I also really loved this post about how to de-tangle a wig (so far, I own one wig, and yeah...it's a rat's nest but only for a little while until I get to do the tutorial!).

Glitzy Geek Girl - Anna is also a cosplayer from Texas who I am stoked to see what she will be doing this upcoming year! She also has great tutorials, my personal favorite was the one she shared on making your own personal Wizard wand (totally would've used this for my engagement pictures), and a Light Saber Hilt!

Nerd Burger - Run by Cazz, Nerd Burger has been great for some extra title recommendations for comics (I'm picking up Fearless Defenders : Doom Maidens from my favorite comic shop thanks to her review here). Cazz also has a FUNCELLENT (=fun+excellent) YouTube channel, that I highly suggest checking out!
We also share a liking for the incomparable Mr. Hankey!

A Very Sweet Blog - Kim at a very sweet blog focuses on beauty and fashion and food! I especially love her reviews of treats, teas, and other drinks (quite a few I have never heard of until reading her blog). I also enjoy her reviews of fashion magazines from around the globe, and her product reviews have become invaluable for me as I am always looking for things to try!
The Nerdy Girlie - Fellow San Diegan Megan looks forward to the same event every July that I do: San Diego Comic Con! In fact, Megan has written one of the most comprehensive guides for SDCC, all of which she has conveniently tagged here. I also REALLY enjoyed her DIY of T.A.R.D.I.S. Shoes! She has also started a Google+ group that kind makes me feel like I joined the Justice League (dibs on being the Flash!!!)

Gamerwife blog button
GamerWife- Mariko is a wife and a gamer, and let me tell, she's got both down to an art! I look forward to Tuesdays due to her "Take My Money Tuesdays" where she highlights a video game, or other geeky ventures that otherwise, I would probably have never heard of. She has a LOT of great content, but I have to say I am unabashedly a fan of Cat-urdays since a). I'm a total cat-lady and b). I'm a cat-lady in an apartment complex that while affordable, does not allow pets. I've also been checking out her decor and DIY posts as my little apartment can always use some sprucing up!

Usagi in Wonderland - Usagi is a fan of many of my fandoms as well, and I love how she shares not just a peek at her fandoms, but a peek into her life as well! She even got to go to England before the Doctor Who 50th festivities ended! She also has some REALLY cute outfits that she shares--I especially love her Sailor Moon sweatshirt found here!

ADHD and Geekery (soon to be "The Shiny Happy")- Amber is a Star Wars fan and Unicorn lover and while one of the newer blogs I've been reading, I've been enjoying her posts a bunch! I also thing her little boxer pup Jax is too cute for words (my old running buddy was my dad's boxer Ali, so I kind of adore this breed). I am really liking her 35 Before 35 list, and am working on a 32 Before 32 list to post next month when I turn 31!
KTJ Weighing In- KT has been a real inspiration into health! She is from Philly, and has been working out super hard. She too is doing Shawn T.'s T25 Workout (which I have sidelined due to San Diego's dry summer weather as I figure I should go outside while I can). KT's emotional and physical journey often has me saying to my computer screen "you can do it"...out loud! I love her emotional honesty too. Very inspiring!

Those are just some of the blogs I am inspired by, so try to check them out when you have a second!

Who are some of the bloggers you enjoy?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I checked them out and a lot of them make me want to come back for more. :3

    1. Thank you I do plan on doing another one. I read quite a few. I love learning about new people!
      PS your art is consistently mesmerizing!

  2. Replies
    1. No problem! I sincerely enjoy your blog! I'm glad I got to be reading it! (Please don't stop Caturday BTW heeheehee)

  3. Joie, you are too much! HAHAHAHA I was just reading and clicking on these amazing blogs and you included me. I am so touched!!! I'm touched by what you wrote. Thank you so much! I often sometimes wonder if I'm just writing and it feels so good to know someone enjoys. ((HUG))

    1. Your reviews are seriously fantastic! I look forward to discovering something new each time! :)
      **hugs back**

  4. Wow! This was really great to read! I just bookmarked some new blogs to follow! And thank you so very much for including mine ^.^ You are so sweet!

    1. You're welcome! I sincerely love reading all of these. Each one of you have been motivational to me!

      Thank you for checking out my blog BTW (^_^)

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out!!!! You are always so supportive and sweet! I'm from Pittsburgh though, not Philly (although I actually went to college there) the cities are about 6 hours apart. That's not really important though, San Diego weather is better than both and I'm totally jealous!!!

    Thank you again for all your support! It means a lot to me!

    1. **facepalm**
      OMG! Sorry about that!

      (I think it's because they both start with P...I can do that sometimes...Space Cadet Moment...)

  6. Aw I just now saw this - thanks so much for the shout-out! Lots of my favorite bloggers here :)

  7. No problem! I love these blogs! I find what everyone of you have been super motivating to me! :)

  8. Funcellent... HAHAHHA! Dude you are so rad. I can't wait to hear what you think of fearless defenders.

  9. aW.. MAN!! I knew was missing some blogs on my list!! Thanks so much for the shout-out!! I need to fix my bloglovin settings!!

    1. No problem! I love your blog! Thank you for coming by!:D


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