Working Out 12/28/2013

Hope your Christmas was brilliant! Mine was tiring, but fun, and went WAY more smoothly than I hoped (and yeah, I was hoping for a good plan).
So, I guess first off, I’ve lost 2 pounds this week! YAY! This last week + a day (12/20-12/28) I have been the most serious!

I had started with T25, and I had even started off VERY strong…and I stumbled with Thanksgiving. In my defense both my immediate family, and my in-laws made some amazing food, but, more than anything I just got lazy with T25. Work got intense, and I was tired, still not a good enough reason.

This week however, I’ve been stepping it up. I am using my days/hours of off time (for the holidays), to do the sport I am most horrible at/like the least: running!

I was once a naysayer of running*, until 2009.  *(to clarify, know that my running/ran/run  word usage is in actuality me jogging/speed-walking. I’m not that fast, and am klutzy. But I’m trying to increase my pace to burn more calories!).

In 2009 over the course of a year, I lost 50 pounds. I also ate right, and stopped drinking soda (which is easier the more you stick with it, and more importantly, the more people actually support this decision…withdrawals are a b***h though). But yeah, I ran around 15 miles a week (3 miles, five times a week). And let me tell you, early morning weekend runs are surprisingly the easiest, because they are done and out of the way, and, BONUS: you don’t waste your Saturday and Sunday sleeping in! That means, after running, I can watch all my fandoms, and not feel guilty or lazy! (logic)

To help with the running, I also splurged on some newer, better fitting exercise items: new sports boob-container bra, black and purple fleeced leggings (which I got cause it was cold), and some light-weight purple and green capris/spandex (?) “leggings” (because since Sunday, it’s been 78 degrees farenheight Fahrenheit here in San Diego…not even a grey Christmas). Also, I got what I am calling my flashy Joker-meets-GIR running jacket!!! It has thumb holes, and is purple and green—thinking about it, all my running stuff is purple, green, black and orange (workout shirt) for this reason.

For Christmas, my parents got the Tenor and I a Wii. In 2009, I used my parent’s Wii, WiiFit, and the board (scale/balance checker) to help me lose weight. It was rather inspiring seeing my fat Mii lose weight along with me. In fact, it was a nice reality check as to the weight I was losing, since it showed the weight loss when I had a hard time seeing it for myself. The Tenor and I have weighed in since we’ve got it. I really like Nintendo games, and I can FINALLY play my Animal Crossing: City Folk again!

I am also upping my game in the kettle bell workouts! I need to build some muscle to help metabolize and burn fat, in case there are days I can’t exercise. Especially for those days actually. Also, burns a bit more too I hear. I am actually afraid of bulking up though, which I am told is irrational.

So far, I have been eating light, not drinking soda (typing this gives me Pavlovian feelings for Dr. Pepper though…), avoiding bread. I should avoid cheese, but, I don’t think that’s happening just yet.

My ultimate goal is to cosplay as Princess Emeraldas;  Nightmare Moon, Pixie, Zoe Washburn, and, my crew and I have a secret project we want to do.

I don't have a New Year's Resolution per se, other than to keep this up.

What do you do for your health and wellness?
Any resolutions?


  1. You can do it Joie! Congratulations on your weight loss. Everyday is a challenge, but it can be done.


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