Weekly Intentions #5

Weekly Intentions #5
1. Ambition- Sunday I got to hang out with my amazingly talented musician friend Hellking, and his lovely girlfriend (she calls herself Childmouse online) who is also talented and an illustrator. I had such a great time with them. I am actually very blessed to know so many talented people. I will admit, I envy them a bit. Not in a covetous way, but in a “I need that too” way. I am working on finding my thing. I have a lot of things I like though. I’m not even sure where to begin. So I want to write out a list of “What I want to be when I grow up” even if I am already a grown up. LOL

2. Be appreciative- I need to keep in mind how good I do have it. I know that with ambition, I could easily fall into ungratefulness, but I don’t want that. I need to appreciate all the cool people that are in my life far and away, or close by. Most importantly, I want to take time and treasure my husband sometime this week. I try to do this, but I know that something special every now and then can really make someone’s day.

3. Christmas cards- I know I am late, but I have a box full that I really just need to take care of. If not that, than I will work on a new year’s letter.

4. Read- I have two books that I don’t know why, but I really feel I should finish them this week. They are perfectly easy to do, so really, I have no excuse.

5. Focus- be it T25, running, work, this blog, whatever it is, I need to focus on setting my goals and making time to accomplish them (ambition list!!!).

Hope your week goes well, and make sure you plan out your goals. Go ahead and get into the swing of things for the new year. 


  1. These are really good Joey. I was kind of bitchin and complaining earlier. I turned on the news and Syrians that have fled their country are living in tents. It was snowing outside and they looked so cold. I wanted to cry. One woman said her husband was really ill and being in tents didn't help. I feel so blessed with what I have. You'll find what you want to do. It will come to you.

    1. Thank you for reminding me of this. Its a great way of putting things in perspective.
      Thanks for the continued encouragement! :)

  2. These are wonderful doll. I think it is important to remember what you have and not so much what you'd like to have. As there are people all over with so little and a lot of the time (pending on where they are) they are much happier than those with so much. There are people fighting to live because there is war and fighting around them. We are so blessed. I hope you reach all your goals doll, I need to get onto my Christmas cards as well, am so behind!! Have a great day xx

    1. Thank you for the encouragement!
      And OMG! Aren't cards and letters the hardest? I often write letters and put them in away so I can send them in the morning, only to forget them until the letter is no longer relevant.

      But I love sending and receiving them. LOL
      Have a great day too!


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