Weekly Intentions Numero Quatro!

1). A running day!!! I NEED a running day! The Tenor is off on Friday, so hopefully it is not pouring rain, and this can be it! Also Saturday and Sunday mornings?
2). Magazine Purge!!! I need to go through, and get the clips I want, and toss the crap I don’t need.
3). Draw the SDCC 2014 costumes concepts: our crew is doing a theme…I still haven’t done any concept art. While we will all be doing our own thing, I REALLY wanted to draw this. Like, a lot! Hell, I’ve been meaning to do this since 2005 when my first sketch was done in my Rule 63 of…well, that’s a surprise! ;) I have been drawing some other stuff, and going through my previous art, so that's good right?
4). Finish my Christmas Special Extravaganza post Narrowing down, and knowing how much to write has been…daunting LOL. But this should be fun!!!
5). Practice Japanese I am soooo out of practice, but, we were talking about this at Boomerang’s yesterday, about how my brother and I took Japanese together. I want to learn it again. I need to study. Actually, I need to clean my apartment, as I can’t study with distractions about! If I even study once this week, it will be an accomplishment!

I guess that’s it for this week’s intentions.
Hope the cold weather is treating you well!
Dont't give yourself brain freeze!


  1. hahaha at the brain freeze! oh gosh, magazines can pile up so fast. i'm always tossing. i have like 3. lol


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