Weekly Intentions #3 12/2/2013

GAH! So late on posting!
Holidays, am I right?

Anyway, here are the things I need to do/work on this week:

  1. Stand at my desk: Rather than just sitting all day at my cubicle, getting...well, getting Pancake-Ass, or the Secretary Spread (where one's bottom fatty cells shift to the hips) I need to working on standing as much as comfort allows for at my desk. Also, it will be grand for circulation, and keep me fitness minded!
  2. Christmas Shopping: While the Tenor and I are not too sure about gifts for everyone (we kind of stopped counting at 20 people) I DO want to get at least a little something for everyone, and, something nice for his mum, and my parents.  And the ambitious goal? I want to finish it all up by Sunday. Thank God for the interwebs!
  3. Look for a Water Polo team: I played this sport when it was brand new to my High School. It was fun. I was JV the whole time, but, I had fun, AND let me tell you swimming is a GREAT metabolism booster. Like, you could eat crappy and still lose weight. While I don't plan on doing the crap-eating (and highly advise against it) I recommend this sport as a confidence booster, like Roller Derby (hmmm...that's going on a future list). Seriously, I--like many women--have body image issues. But I am not afraid to be in a swimsuit. I am grateful to this sport for that, and, as a result recommend it to people of all sizes. It's also hecka fun, and graet for getting out aggression, and if you have problems sleeping, this may be a cure, cause your whole body will be in motion, and tired, so you will be out like a little baby kitten!
    School of Thrones will have me saying "GREYJOY" randomly though...
    GREYJOY! (watch this Awesome web series here!) But for the record, I do not like Theon...
  4. Work on posting: I have a few things I want to write...I am working on them as you read this in fact! I look forward to sharing them! 
  5. Measurements for T25: I can not seem to find my measuring tape for the life of me! But I need to as Saturday's for T25 calls for measuring parts of your body. I have seen some results. Unfortunately Turkey day preparations did get in my way!
Speaking of Turkey Day, a quick recap of my holiday is that: IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!
I got really paranoid about things...per usual. But I had fun at both Thanksgivings. We played Apples to Apples both nights. My brussel sprouts were well received, and the Jell-o shots turned out well despite a replacement ingredient! It has been fun bonding with family, and my nieces and nephews are adorable!

While I worked M-F (omitting Thurs.) last week, it was nice and quiet!!! Many people took vacation on Friday, so only 5 of us were in office! I got soooo much done!

I am excited for this season, and am working on a playlist/Mixed Tape CD for Christmas! 

Any goals set for this week or month for you?


  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving Joie. You have lots to do! HaHaHa You'll get them done. Take one thing at a time. My goal is to relax! LOL

    1. I do need to keep relax on the permanent list... LOL
      Thanks for the encouragement! :)


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