Christmas Tag 2013

I saw this post on Usagi's page and had to do it! Hope you enjoy!

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I am a blasphemer…I like fake trees. I LOVE the smell of real one’s but fake trees are simpler, and with all the hub-ub going on during the holidays anyway…well, the fake is way more my speed: FAST!
2. You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you pick?
Soy Gingerbread Latte…with the whip, but no molasses! Or, Iced Coffee sub Gingerbread for classic (hey, it was 82 degrees in my part of San Diego on Sunday, and Iced is the way to go sometimes…even I December).
3. What’s your favourite colour scheme for decorating a tree?
Purple, black and TARDIS blue…when I have the space for a full tree at least.
Our current tree looks like this:
Itty bitty like our apartment (our Harry Potter Engagement photo in the back)

4. Giving or receiving?
Both are nice. But giving is more fun…unless the receiver is ungrateful (I have one of those to look out for every year). 
5. To mince pie or not to?
I have yet to try mince pie…
6. What’s your traditional Christmas lunch?
Growing up, we had a late lunch/early dinner for Christmas. But last year was the Tenor’s and my first Christmas as a married couple, and we spent it together and at sushi. I like this as a tradition. My brother and I tried to make sushi a tradition for Christmas eve dinner though.
7. Christmas day fashion?
Jeans and a t-shirt…I can only stay in my pajamas when I am sick or sleepy. I’m weird.
8. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
I love the Muppet Christmas Carol (except the Belle song) and the Scrooge .Soundtrack . but it’s hands down The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. It’s the best to me!!!
9. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
Stay tuned to this blog Christmas eve day, as I am doing a countdown of this EXACT subject!!!
10. Open presents before or after lunch?
Before breakfast! LOL

I am going to go ahead and tag anyone who reads this! These are always fun! Please let me know if you do!


  1. Joie, this was too cute! I'm loving your tree girl. I have a 3 footer at my house. I have to get another tall tree. Fake ones are the way to go! The real ones require so much care. HaHaHa One of my English readers is sending me pudding. I'll get to try it. I'll post about it. I believe in being comfortable on Christmas too :D

    1. OMG! Please post it!!!
      I was always curious about it. All the food in Christmas carols are English.
      I hope to have one Christmas there some day.


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