Christmas Special Countdown: Lucky 13 (through 11)

So there are some Christmas carols I dig. The Kurt/Blaine duet of Baby, It’s Cold Outside is the better of the two versions of this song that I like—otherwise, like Santa Baby—I kind of dislike the song. Christmas in Hollis is a classic that does not get enough credit. No Doubt’s Oi! To the World is my more favorite version of The Vandal’s Christmas song. And, The Pogue’s Fairytale of New York…it’s not a Christmas mix without it for me!
Know what else I dig? Christmas movies and television specials!!! I have a “Top 13 list” but, to spare you one three-too-many essays, I will list three who didn’t make my countdown. Also, it’s Friday the 13, soooooo, I had to make my list go to 13 anyway eh?
13). The Santa Clause: maybe it’s because it had me wanting to believe in Santa for a little bit and I was still young enough to want that. Maybe it’s that the elves aged like Time Lords, vampires at a slow rate and wore glitter. But most of all, it was the right movie, at the right time/season, for me. It really just clicked for me at 11 (ok…maybe too old for Santa, but, I was an innocent and imaginative child). Also, the montage of Tim Allen knowing who’s naughty/nice and the kids coming up to him was hilarious to me.
I want to watch this tonight actually...

12). The Leprachaun’s Christmas Gold: as you will soon find out/I will gush about it every chance I get- I LOVE stop-motion animation. Maybe it all started with Will Vinton and the California Rainsins. Maybe it was the Ray Harryhausen animation from Clash of the Titans and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad which we would watch almost every weekend as a kid. But, I bet most of it is to do with the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials. This one is admittedly weak. But I enjoy it because:
1). Leprahauns!
2) Banshee! (She is so emo though...always crying!)
3). Well…I like rainbows cause I’m a 5-year-old girl and the fake gold is great!
11). Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas: in the above playlist we feature two songs from this special My favorite version of We Three Kings which has some jazzy camels singing the chorus “Star of wonder,…”

and the rockin’ Motown version of Rudolph! Dig the bassy voice that sings Santa’s “won’t you guide my slay tonight part”.
Also the show is hosted by dinosaurs. I have not grown out of dinos to this day…and I hope I never do!
On a side note, there is one short that's not my favorite. But I do like (though I am terrified) of the Carol of the Bells short…the hunchback freaked me out as we little girl…and I am still weirded out by it. Maybe I just like the Carol of the Bells...?
It's fun over all, and the “wasseling” jokes throughout the special still make me smile.

For my Top 10, I’m going to go ahead and do a countdown leading up to Christmas Eve, with number one posting that day (it also happens to be the movie I have to watch that evening)!
So…stay tuned!


  1. Oh gosh! You've brought back so many memories. I haven't seen these in ages. Nothing beats Christmas classics. Can't wait to see the others.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm going through my ultimate favorites this year!
      I hope you enjoy the posts!

  2. I was not familiar with The Lepracaun's Christmas Gold and I love Rankin Bass. Thanks for bringing it to attention, now to track down a copy.

    1. I think its on DVD with Year without a Santa Claus or, How the Grinch stole Christmas. We just bought a DVD 4pack and its on there.
      Oh! And it does sometime play on ABC family's 25 Christmas thing! Let me known what you think of it


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