Christmas Special #3 - Love Actually

At Number 3, I have Love Actually.
Love Actually is a Christmas movie…for adults only. And not a “naughty” list adults only movie (This isn’t “50 Shades of Christmas”). But, with an R rating, due to language, concepts, and a sliver of nudity (a la the most innocent couple: Jack and Judy), the movie is for Adults to enjoy this time of year, without having singing animals or toys.

The movie explores different stories involving love, but not strictly the romantic type. I will briefly go over a few of the stories involved. The movie also stars so many amazing actors and actresses who I adore not just in this, but in many other films, and, fandom/geek-oriented films.

Billy Mack and Joe- Davy Jones/ Rufus Scrimjeour Billy Mack plays a washed up, former rock star trying to make a comeback via a Christmas single “Christmas is All Around.”
Joe is his manager, and biggest supporter. Billy Mack due to a sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, is basically alone. Throughout the film, Billy Mack’s single slowly, but surely, climbs its way up the top of the seasonal charts. In the end, Billy’s crass, but honest answers on the radio and television spots (where he is promoting his single), sky rocket him to the number one spot over the stereotypical boy band group, Blue. When he is supposed to be out celebrating—with all the sex, drugs, and alcohol that comes from a washed up rock star who suddenly makes an epic come back—he instead, seeks out his only true family/friend, and the only person he actually cares about besides himself: Joe.

Jamie and Aurelia- Mr. Darcy’s Jamie’s previous girlfriend was caught cheating on him with his brother while Jamie was at the wedding of Peter and Juliet. So, Jamie goes on holiday for Christmas (sorry, but I forget where exactly he goes…somewhere in France), and his vacation home has a temporary house keeper, Aurelia! I love that Jamie and Aurelia have the obstacle of language in their way. Jamie speaks English and Aurelia speaks Portuguese. Jamie is working on a novel, and at the point where he begins to see Aurelia, is when he she helps retrieve his work that has flown into a nearby pond (he decided a typewriter was a better idea than a laptop). They have a dialogue, each in their native tongue, but, they are pretty much on the exact same wavelength. Unfortunately, they don’t understand each other. Every day he drives her home, and it’s both of their favorite time of day…and their saddest.
They leave in time for Christmas, and the movie shows scenes of Jamie learning Portuguese in a language school. And on Christmas night, he goes to see family, and after looking at everyone’s face, he realizes that the face he wants to see is Aurelia, and he basically says “screw it!” to the obligations, and immediately flies out in search of Aurelia. Upon arriving he confesses his love (with a hilarious scene of literal translations of poorly executed Portuguese leading up to it, including with Aurelia’s family), and it turns out that she too has learned a new language, for him!

Natalie and Prime Minister David – I’m not sure why, but I guess in the movie, Natalie (who is very pretty) is considered fat, or, an atypical beauty. But, she is interning at the prime minister’s house with the newest Prime Minister, David. David takes a fancy to her after their first interaction, where Natalie, is so wonderfully honest and awkward. Here is their first interaction (and yeah, I crack up every year at it!):
Natalie: Hello, David. I mean "sir". Shit! I can't believe I've just said that. And now I've gone and said "shit" - twice. I'm so sorry, sir.
Prime Minister: It's fine, it's fine. You could've said "fuck," and then we'd have been in real trouble.
Natalie: Thank you, sir. I did have an awful premonition that I was gonna fuck up on the first day. Oh, piss it!
Anyway, Prime Minister David is smitten and doesn’t know how to go about this because of work. There’s even a scene where a love song even overtakes his self-control.
Then the PotUS (President of the US) comes to visit, and hits on Natalie, and David becomes jealous and, in the end stands up for him.  He ends up mucking things up a bit more by having Natalie “redistributed,” but, that really does work out, as he wishes to be with her anyway. On his way to his sister Karen’s (see below) children’s play he seeks out Natalie. And uses his government appointed escorts and powers, to go door-to-door in the “dodgy end” of the same neighborhood where his sister lives. During the play they hide out backstage, and talk, but, end up having a very public kiss on stage.
At the end of the movie (one month later in time), we see they are still together.

John and JudyDoctor Watson Jack Baggins and Queen Elizabeth Judy are actors. Well, more specifically, they are body doubles. The first scene we really get to see them in where their relationship starts to take off is on set of their current film.
They are talking about the traffic they hit on their way, but, are interrupted to check for lighting. The lighting does require her top to be gone (remember, some nudity). Throughout the movie John and Judy’s scenes are primarily in their work, so there is awkwardness for the viewer. But, their story is my favorite because while it always seems so awkward to me, they are the most innocent couple. They are just getting to know one another, and clearly have a connection that isn’t just work. At the end of the movie, they finally have their first date at the big Christmas play culmination. Judy states that all she wants for Christmas is John (awww!).

If I were 100% honest, there is only one story (the one involving Hogwarts’ Professors Snape and Trelawney) that I don’t like. The whole movie is very good, and there are so many parts that make me and The Tenor smile. I know I didn’t go over the father/son story between Daniel and Sam. And also the story of Karl and Sarah (one that my roommates and I loved in college):

Rodrigo Santoro…**sigh**

I love how everyone is interconnected, and yet their story feels like their own little world…kind of like real life eh?

Have you seen Love Actually? Which is your favorite story line?

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  1. I've never seen or heard of this one. Will have to check it out.

    1. Oh, I hope you like it. It's very good, and there are a lot of good actors in it!


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