Zombie Apocalypse Teams!

I am about to go on a run with the Hubby!
"Cardio & Kettlebells for Cosplay!" (#CK4C...hopefully that doesn't stand for anything else just yet?)

Anyway, I will explain CK4C another day, but, here is a fun post:
Not sure if you saw this picture on a friend’s or Geroge Takei’s FaceBook:
Zombie Apocalypse Teams!!!

I sent this to a few friends and family.
However, my brother, Charlie and I had the following text conversation.
Upon C’s realization that his Zombie Apocalypse team comprises of Batman, Capt Jean-Luc Picard, and George Takei (I have Capt. Picard, Superman, and Angelina Jolie; the husband has: The Doctor, The Hulk and Miley Cyrus for zombie bait/the necessary sacrifice).

C: …Reg and I decided the Doctor and Batman would make the BEST team!
Me: Oh I concur!
Me: All of space and time? Plus their brain power?!?!
Me: Just go back in time , find what the cause was, come up with the cure, make it so said cure can be an airborne release (like in Cowboy Bebop the movie via rain or something) and use the Bat-jet, T.A.R.D.I.S., & Enterprise to release this cure around the world.
Me: and faster than you can say “Geronimo” our crossover episode ends happily! J
C: yup!
Me: Picard is the mediator…Because the Doctor (current at this time being 11) is eccentric, and Bats can be broody at times/is a lone wolf. Basically, the ever necessary montage with Picard—being the natural born leader he is—whipping this rag-tag team into shape to save all of mankind.
Me: we’ll be ok…
Me: Maybe it already happened…and we just don’t know.
Me: All we are missing is the Winchesters and Sherlock & Watson! SUPERWHOLOCK!
Me: I mean: SuperBatWhoTrekLock!!!
And I now have a new random-fandom!

Who is YOUR Zombie Apocalypse Team?

You’re welcome! (cause let’s be honest, this is vital information…should the Zombie Apocalypse happen).

Out to run, to beat the hoard!!!


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