Weekly Intentions #2 : Thanksgiving Edition!

This will be a brief post, but, this week is CRAZY!
  • Enjoy time allowed with friends! What little time that will be allowed outside of family obligations...such as tonight when we watch the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who in theaters! We bought it on the Xbox 360 already to avoid SPOILERS but I still need to see it on the big screen!!! Also, Turkey bowl on Thursday morning. Not a fan of American Football (The Anti-footbal as I often call it). But it should be fun.
  • DOUBLE THANKSGIVINGS!No panic attacks! You read that right. This week we have two thanksgivings. But these are already scheduled. However, my intentions for these two events is to enjoy them, rather than be stressed out by the social pressures of all this. Seriously...the cray-cray has already happened!
I am assuming this is how I will be feeling at one point, or another, or by the end of the week!
           Pretty sure things are going to be fine though...Just a bit anxious!
  • Write a "Thankful" List with the Tenor! I think we should each write one, and then, maybe write one together. Maybe I will post them here too?
  • Take a breather. With all the family (and maybe future family) coming in this week, it gets a little stressful. I need to make sure to take a time out so I don't make myself anxious and...well, avoid being the "Eeyore" of the group.
  • Be Health Oriented. With all the food out this week, I need to make sure to avoid what's bad for me. I need to be sure to exercise NO MATTER WHAT, and make good choices. And with the two thanksgivings going on, I can't cave into family members' cries of "oh, but it's only once a year." TBH, I am really stressing this time around! And unfortunately my FAVORITE item is my mum's mac n cheese...It's a once a year dish--with good reason; CARBS+CHEESE?!?! Sooo bad!--but dang! It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO delicious! I'm telling myself one serving. And not "one plateful" as my serving, but one serving of a proper size! Also, I need to post pics from last weeks T25! Monday's pic, and Friday's picture of my self...I could actually see a difference! That is uber motivating!!! Yes, in friday's pic i am in a dark shirt, but I could tell without the shot! And I feel confident in possible success!!! :-D
  • BONUS INTENTION: B-Movie Night! Last month, we had a B-Movie night featuring the surprise "hit" Sharknado! I want to have one this week featuring FDR: American Badass...wherein FDR contracted polio from a werewolf bite. "FDR and a team of historic figures seek victory in World War II by defeating an army of Nazi Werewolves." How could one NOT feature this...this GEM, on a B-Movie night? But I am open to suggestions! Hoping this happens though!
Well, I hope your Thanksgiving week is a groovy one! Stay healthy while you enjoy! And remember, if your family has crazy drama, it will make a GREAT book or movie!
Also, books are wonderful friends to take to family functions! Have one ready if this week is not your thing!


  1. We don't have thanksgiving in Australia, but I still make a pumpkin pie this time each year.Your B movie night sounds so rad.

    1. Oooh! Pumpkin pie is my husband's favorite! I like it too! But he is a FANATIC!

      B movie night is really a blast! Do you have SyFy channel in Austrailia? If so, do it when they show one of their "SyFy Original" Movies!!! And! encourage your attendees to be as MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) about it as possible! In otherwords, the best jokes/quips WIN!!!
      I highly suggest it!

  2. HaHa! Joie, you sound like you have everything sorted! Good for you! You should do the things that you want and ENJOY yourself. I'm trying to do the same. HAHAHA

    1. LOL! Thanks! Hope you have a great thanksgiving too! Good luck to us both!!! :)

  3. It sounds like you're going to have a great Thanksgiving and know how to enjoy yourself--I say cheese is fair game this time of year!

    xo Mary Jo


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