We Love Fine Mini Wish List

Oh internet! The things you have me wanting!

I am really digging this WAY too cute Princess Luna dress from We Love Fine (hello Christmas dress!!!):
From Here
Also, while on the subject of dresses & We Love Fine, lemme go ahead & add these two!

Vworp! Vworp! (my T.A.R.D.I.S. sound)
I am CatBug!!!
Also (cause, I am 5, and NEED a CatBug stuffed animal):

Sugar Peas!!!

And then there's this sexy beast (I can cut and sew it from a dude shirt, to a dudette tee!):

This puppy would look RAD on my walls!...I think this going to happen!
And of course, I need this! Pixie is my more recent favorite!

But, my girl will always be Clarice "Blink" Ferguson! I fell in love with this character when Age of Apocalypse was the first series I bought for myself. (Also, Iceman looked SUPER dope in the series!!!) AND this shirt comes in PURPLE!!!!
I <3 blink="">


  1. I need that Catbug dress in my life right now.

    1. AND!!! Did you see this! It's new!! (Catbug backpack!)
      I know what I REALLY want for Christmas!!

  2. Replies
    1. YES! I LOVED her in Age of Apocalypse!
      I am sad they are putting her in Days of Futures Past though.


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