Thor: The Dark World (or, Thor 2 for short)

At a not full ticket price, Thor: The Dark World was MORE than enjoyable. To be honest, it was REALLY fun.
Fun is good. But, I can see where in this case it can be a negative aspect to the movie. Every other line was a joke, so it was hard to take seriously.
I didn’t mine this however.
Tom Hiddleston has become one of my favorite actors. He embraces his fans, and The Nerdom entire. He doesn’t shy away from this role, and knows that his connection to his fans will keep him employable. Hiddleston’s Loki is to me a great prankster/trickster. That sly knowing smirk where you’re not sure when he is joking, or what he’s thinking (ok, so WE the audience know it, but thinking from the perspective of characters, he hides it well). Yet, he still remains rather regal. While menacing, there is method to the madness.
Hemsworth has the same regal horse to ride upon, just…his is a Clydesdale. Hemsworth’s voice of Thor is PERFECT!!!! I was really glad of this in the first Thor flick. So glad in fact that I was able to initially ignore a lot of what I did not care for in the first venture. Also…the dude is built like an Asgardian god.
Idris Elba should be the next Bond (If only racism didn’t exist any longer…cause let’s be honest, American fans will bitch about it). There. I’ve said it. To be honest: I was very skeptical of him as a Norse God (Heimdall) in the first flick. But, I like what Branagh and the writing team did with the treatment: incorporating different battle types, and warriors that are legendary, into these “aliens” that were considered as gods in our earthly realm. Also, Tadanobu Asano’s Hogun was a great incorporation. The change of Zachary Levi as Fandral was jarring in “..Dark World” as I asked my self “what a minute…I know this guy”, but…I prefer it! In fact in the first movie, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg were my FAVORITES! After Kat Dennings’ Darcy (and Loki of course).
After Loki, I still think she (Darcy) is the most wholly realized person. In the first movie, I wanted them to just graft her to Portman’s Jane Foster. Let’s be honest: Jane Foster in 2011’s Thor...kind of just a pretty face.
Thor 2 had Jane blue-fairied into a real girl. She had more of an personal nature, and her curiosity and brains were more at the fore-front. I didn’t hate her in this. I was glad of this.
Chris Eccleston…**sigh**I think he is a great actor. I just…the 50th Anniversary is upon us, and I am feeling a bit jilted as a fan. That aside though, his Dark Elf was great. His cold and piercing gaze was great for this very determined dark elf.
The action was giddy-ness inducing, and the characters played off one another well. Better than 2011's prequel. And Bifrost/Bilfrost always make me smile. I think I still just love rainbows..sorry, not sorry.
Lastly: THE COLLECTOR!!! OMG! Guardians of the Galaxy!!! **squee** Ok…calm down. **phew!**
Choral version of: "Aaaaah!"

Let me just take a moment to express how excited I am that the Marvel movies (not to be confused with Fox’s disasters) are all a part of the Marvel universe. This is exciting because it makes all of the films, somewhat un-miss-able (sp). I wish Fox would give the mutants back. Lord knows their stories could use more than the current “how-many-mutants-can-we-throw-in-this” formula for a much richer experience.
I get it: I get to see so-and-so on the big screen. But that shouldn’t be the only criteria.
I think I will end my almost rant here, and save this for another time. Just know, that bootlegging Days of Future Past SUPPORTS the mutants being with Marvel…rather than giving Fox what they want: your money. Also…I kind of want to see Logan with the Avengers…it’s not too much to ask is it? End mini-rant.
To be honest though, a death in the movie would have brought balance to the force the movie. It felt a little too happy. But then again, maybe Moffat may have tainted me?
Overall, I give the movie a B- as I kept in mind: its an action/adventure movie (not necessarily a cinematic feat) and, I enjoyed the jokes—although I couldn’t take too much seriously for the same reason. It was fun, and I’m pretty sure I would have even enjoyed it in 3D.
Go see it in theaters. You won’t feel cheated.


  1. That movie raked in so much money! I was going to see it, but the critics kept bad mouthing it. However, all the "real" people I knew enjoyed it. Thanks for this review. Definitely going. AND YES!!! I'm so glad you said it. Idris Elba would be the PERFECT Bond!!! He could do it. He's such an exemplary actor.

    1. Thank you.
      I understand the critics POV...but I don't see why every movie needs to be Oscar worthy either.
      Considering the characters were a bit more fleshed out this time, (mainly Natalie Portman's) I saw the movie as a vast improvement.
      It was enjoyable!

      And I saw a BuzzFeed piece (here: ) on why Idris Elba should be the next Bond, and I just can't shake the idea! It sounds so brilliant!!!

  2. I hate that it's just not ok to make a stupid fun movie now days. Thor 2 sounds rad. I can't wait to see him topless again.

    1. OMG! You will be pleased!!! there is a shirtless scene/snippet! Its not bad...not bad at all! ;)

      And, I agree in a way about the stupid fun movie bit.
      Like, the acting in this movie was still quite good. the story was fun, and it had a relatively good flow. Also, the movie is relatively up-front about not taking itself seriously, so I am really not sure why the critics would judge it based on criteria like that. It was fun and enjoyable. I stand by that!
      I feel the XMen (see: Fox) franchise takes itself WAY too seriously, so it invites a bit more criticism. Marvel's great in it's continuity, and that it wants it's universe to connect as it does in the comic book world.

      I would LOVE to see the XMen back in their hands.

      Can you imagine how vast the world of movies could be taken? And the FUN, and AMAZING cameos?!?!?! The prospect of this excites me so much!


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