I finally got a 3DS, and it’s awesome. I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf (AC:NL) and Pokémon X. My husband got Pokémon Y…and then, after being addicted to watching me play AC:NL, he picked up a copy too! Heehee!
Also the hubby and I have started working out. I am starting to draw again. I am also applying to a place I think I would fit in/LOVE!!!
Today’s workouts will be:

(I really like Fitness Blender! Free workout videos? Hell yeah!)
And, this 8 minute Ab work out (pinned on this board):

From: Pumps and Iron
 We plan on walking at least 50 miles this month. We originally planned for 100…and will try for one hundred. But dammit, I am such an Eeyore: negatively realistic LOL. See with the time change and rainy system upon us, I need to be.
But then again…the rain DOES motivate to run versus walk…and run faster at that ;)
I believe the next year will be full of awesome and SCARY changes. So I want to be ready for them!!!
Gearing up! And Excited!


  1. Have fun with it girl! Woot!

  2. Thanks! It's been awesome! We are playing proper football (soccer) tonight!


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