New Netflix Updates!!!

So there are more shows/episodes on Netflix that I am SUPER stoked about! I can't wait to waste some time see them all!!! LOL!

First, FINALLY Dexter is back on Netflix (or at least back to being advertised in my queue)!
I can't wait to complete this series.
Dexter (2006) Poster

Next, is Arrow.
I sadly am NOT (thus far) a fan of Stephen Amell.
But, John Barrowman, Alex Kingston, Summer Glau, Tahmoh Penikett all make appearances. And the rest of the cast ain't so bad. So, I think I just need to swallow my pride, and do this!!! (Also...HUNTRESS!!!)
Arrow (2012) Poster

New episodes of Nikita as well. I was apprehensive about this show, but I got to quickly snap a pic with Maggie Q this year at Comic Con, and even though she was in a rush to a party, she took the time to ALSO take a picture with my brother who has missed the last 4 cons (09, 10, 11, 12) while he was serving our country. She is genuinely pretty!! And she is such a bad-ass on the show!

Nikita (2010) Poster

Just in time for the upcoming ChrimboHols:
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! I consider November 20 the "OK for Christmas" time. I do think AFTER Thanksgiving is better, but in our consumer driven lives, I think there is another, better time that isn't THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN. Compromise.

Christmas Vacation (1989) Poster

Last, but NOT least, the show I am most HAPPY to see: Chuck.
I wish I could fully articulate my sincerest love for this show. But, I can't, so, I shan't.
It's just GREAT. That's all I have. Sorry.

Chuck (2007) Poster
So, that's it for now!


  1. You just reminded me that I need to fill my que! LOL I LOVE Christmas Vacation! It's classic and funny has HELL! I love Chevy Chase. HAHAHAHA Great post!

  2. I finished Dexter while the final season was still on TV. I'm going to wait to talk about it until I know you are done. There is so much to say about it, and yet no one I know even watches that show anymore! So sad!

    1. That is sad! I really like the show. I can only afford internet, and Netflix...and the phone bill LOL.
      I will hurry then! I only know one other person who watches it!
      Thanks! :-D

    2. YA I love Christmas Vacation. I watch it every year. Wis hI could go to Wally World.

    3. Me too! Though, I think that is the 6 Flags park her in CA...I wish it was Wally World themed in addition to the Looney Tunes! It would be cool if they did that!
      My mom's christmas dream is to make her house the Griswald house for christmas...visible via satellite! :)


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