Confessions of a Book Pimp

I had some name in French for my blog previously.
It wasn't very me.
I love French, but, to be honest, I love Japanese more.

I switched it to my Live Journal name (yeah, I still have an LJ...I have friends on there).

A name that was more Joie!
A nick name given to me by my Heather.

When it comes down to it, everything I love comes from one noun. This singular noun has many incarnations--as does a person.
Person--like this word has--many different types.

There are tall people, female people, sporty people, good people, bad people.

Books are the same.
Political books.
Sociology books.
Comic books & Manga.
Music books.
History books.
And of course, Fiction and all her babies (Fiction is female...just so you know): mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, historical, children's and YA (to name a few).
These were my friends when I was afraid to make them. My boredom cure. My car-trip companion. My comfort, my escape, and, my passion. I miss working in a library, so, until that opportunity arises again I will just be me the geeky Book Pimp!

Now, I don't know that I will focus on book reviews. It's been a WHILE since I have written any. But, I look forward to doing so. I plan on sharing things I learn, regardless of books, experiences, video games, movies, tv, life in general.

In sharing, I hope to "pimp out" my love/like for any written tome I come across and get others reading, or (in the many posts that won't have anything to do with books) trying new know, picking up a new "book."

Our brains are our own autobiography. Not everyone gets published, or becomes a best seller, but  you never know who is going to pick you up and read you. Your "themes" might be misinterpreted. And at other times, some people will just get you. And some people have to read you at a second time at a later date. But, you little bookie, are more than mere words strung together.

I plan on realizing this within myself, & hopefully others will as well.
Make your life a great book!


  1. I agree doll, make your life a great book!! And I hope you get to go to York, you will love it!! xx

  2. Oh...p.s. they did film bits of Harry Potter in York - the train station bits ;-)

    1. OMG! Now I REALLY have to go there!!! Potter, plus history! Makes me smile just thinking about hoping to go one day!


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