#CK4C or, Cardio and Kettle-Bells for Cosplay

Cardio and Kettle Bells for Cosplay.
I am tagging this as #CK4C.
This last year I have put on quite a bit of weight.
I am neither comfortable, nor, OK with this. So, for the last few weeks my husband and I have been making efforts to change our outer shells.
We have been eating really healthy. This is something we struggle with. We live very close to the Best Blessed Burger—you may have heard of it as “In-N-Out Burger”…seriously, this place is a gift from above! So GOOD!!! Also, pasta. Pasta is easy and quick to make. And it’s EASY to fill up on it. And, it's not the best for everyday.

We LOVE vegetables, but we often forget the best rule of cooking: mise en place (putting in place, or, setting things up before hand, so all cooking time is strictly cooking time). So, we choose quick, and easy foods, which are usually, not the best for you.
These last three weeks, we have changed that.
We have been eating LOTS more veggies and lean protein (which believe it or not, IS our normal). We are consuming beets and Brussels sprouts like they are going out of style! And—the real game changer—we are making sure to eat breakfast.
This has been making a huge difference.

But, while diet is about 75% of weight loss EXERCISE is a HUGE help in achieving fitness goal. I will be doing cardio, and weights.

I am starting with primarily cardio. Running was something I was NOT a fan of. In 2009 I started running/walking/jogging (it was all three as I had very little endurance, but I would push myself) and lost A LOT of weight. Like, 30 pounds in the first 3.5 months, and 60 over a year. 

Then I started grad school. Stress, plus homework, and long work hours...oh, and planning my wedding, I let myself kind of go.

Well, no more I tell you. NO MORE!

The hubby and I have been walking about 3 miles together after work every evening we have off together. This past Thursday I worked on learning how to use weights--primarily : KETTLE BELLS!!!! 

I really like the exercises she helped me with (OMG! SQUATS! My quads are still sore!), as well as the ones from Pumps & Iron! Such as this:

500-rep kettle bell workout

As for cardio, in addition to running, I want to do Zumba, and, T25.

I already have Zumba, and believe it or not, it is kind of fun. I do feel goofy, BUT, Zumba has improved my dancing skills from non-existent to not-the-most-embarrassing-person-at-a-wedding. It is a GREAT way to level up your "dancing game" and get in shape.

As for T25, my friend has become a Beach Body coach, and has had amazing results. T25 is by Shawn T. You may know him as the guy who created Insanity. Allegedly, T25 is the 25-minute (NOT 25-Day) version of Insanity. I like short workouts, because I can combine them with other ones and not lose all my free time. Also, with 25-minutes, let's be honest: there's NO excuse not to work out, right?

Also--thanks to the power of YouTube--I have been able to try out T25 for new inspiration for Cardio! I might have to save up some money, but based on the YouTube preview I just did...DANG! It's pretty awesome. You can check it here, if you want to try it too.

My friend Topher is planning on starting his cardio for cosplay in January. He and his partner attend Comic Con with my husband and I. All four of us want to get in shape. We have an AWESOME group costume idea (or two **winky-face**) we want to do, and we all just want to get healthier! Including Queen Emeraldas!
Queen Emeraldas

Anyway, I am on my journey for Cosplay readiness. And, cute clothes wearing again times!

So, wish me luck, cause I want this! And I plan on getting it.

Cardio and Kettle-bells for Cosplay!!!



  1. you can do it! and i love that you are doing it the right way ... lots of veggies + lean protein with some exercise thrown in. this is how i eat most of the time (still allowing myself a little treat every now and then) and i just feel like i have so much more energy. cheering you on and i know you will look hot in that costume! x

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!
      Trying REALLY hard to stay on top of it all!
      Also, thank you for coming by! :)

  2. So rad to hear your motivated to exercise. Sounds like your right into it with all the weights and Zumba. The only exercise I do is walking up a big hill after getting of the train. So hopeless.

    1. Thanks! I'm trying.
      Girl! If you can make it up the hill, that's good! Inclines make me so winded! And tbh, if that hill is everyday, that's some decent exercise! I am trying to work in hikes once a week too! but we shall see! :D


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