Awesome Finds

Our explorer Joie while traversing the Interweb came across some  internet grooviness.
Like Indiana, and, Lara before her, our little Raider shares her findings with you now in:

Joie Fatale: and Awesome Finds from the Interwebs
(that last part was an echo...DRAMA!)
This ladies Wonderwoman is so bloody brilliant. She looks STRONG, and like a proper warrior...well, on her day off at least.

Also, I want to make one of these Pumpkin Pie in a Jar for the Tenor! He loves Pumpkin Pie! All things pumpkin actually

This Parks and Recs cast as Game of Thrones Characters--complete with bad photoshop!

And this 50 Years of Memories from Doctor Who!

And my mate's post about The Con Before the makes me laugh out loud EVERY FREAKING TIME!!!

This cute little Picwick dodo:
Tiny Dodo Bird - miniature felt extinct species
Found here.
And though I am more of a Wicked/Elphaba fan, I can not help my love for those ruby slipper. I will get a pair of those prettys! mahhahaha!

Dorothy shoe cell phone accessory. Ruby red slipper dustplug. Miniature Fits iPhone 5 4 4s ,iPad ,Samsung s2 s3, 3.5mm
I'll get you my pretty!!!

Well, have a great day!


  1. and your little dog too! HAHAHA Joie, these were great! I want one of those ruby slippers. I'm a WOZ fan myself. I can totally go for that pumpkin pie in a jar. So cute.

    1. Thanks! I do like WOZ (and this new-to-me abbreviation!), too, but I think my major girl-crush Kristen Chenowith steals my ears!

  2. Hello! Kim sent me the link to your blog because she said you were geeking out over Doctor Who too :) I am loving that red shoe though! Too cute!

    1. Thank you for coming by!
      And I am...was...still am geeking out! LOL!!!
      Here's my post featuring the clip of 8 (Paul McGann!)

      And While I saw the special, I am going to my local theater tonight to see it again! I am SOOOO excited! It was so great to have some answers, and getting to see the show on the big screen is beyond exciting!

      I too LOVE that red shoe!

      Cheers! :)


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