Bought a planner…a MOLESKINE planner.
Not mentioning for the sake of the brand’s name. Nor did I buy it for that reason. BUT I do mention it cause did you know, these guys make cool THEMED journals? I just found this out while on an adventure at Barnes and Noble!
~Book review journal
~Music review journal
~Beer review journal
~ Wine review journal
~Tea review journal
~Movie review journal
~Wedding Planner (I want one now…even though I am done lol)
~Wellness Journal
~Baby journal (scurred!!!)
So, if you don’t know, I actually LOVE notebooks and stationary. There are a few problems with this:
1). I write letters, but forget to stamp and send them, and when I DO remember, it’s way past the point of the information in said letter, being of any pertinence.
2). I am always afraid someone will read my journals. Live Journal it’s ok…But my journal, journal…I need to find how to read with a password (SAPPHIRE!!!)
3). I have a few not full journals currently. I think the husband is perhaps overwhelmed by this.
Any who, I bought a planner, by said group of people. It’s purse AND pocket sized, so I am able to take it everywhere!!! No more “I think I have something that day” it yes, or no.
Also, Like my successful 2012 planner, it has a pocket!!! Coupons, notes, things like that go in there, this way, I remember my coupons, and my planner. See? Good right? A step towards grown-up-ocity!
Kick Ass 2 starts Friday. Going to see it with the Chefs! Also, I want to Austenland. I know that it will be of no “merit” but, knowing some Austen-philes, and being a bibliophile myself, well, I just can’t help myself.
I don’t expect too much from chick flicks. But I like a laugh, and this one has P&P jokes. So I am in.
I want to go to Old Town on Friday. Get my mom her birthday gift. But I need to get The Husband’s first. His birthday is the 23rd.
So many birthday’s this month, it’s hard to keep track.
Oh wait! Not it’s not! Thanks to my handy-dandy Planner yo!


  1. Planners do make things easier :)) I always need mine, yours sounds grand. I hope you have fun celebrating all these special birthdays :))) Have a great week xx

    1. Thank you Kizzy! You are so encouraging! I am doing pretty well using it.
      Just need to get on this blogging thing.
      So many ideas...but so burnt out by computers by the time I get home from work! LOL

  2. I love planners and journals. It makes everything so much easier. Plus, it's a great way to document your travels.

    1. It REALLY does!I like going back and reading journal entries too! And since blogs are public, personal things I wish to remember go in journals. I just need to be better about updating both!
      Cheers! And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Moleskins have some amazing journals. I love their themed ones like Star wars, The Littlest Prince, Peanuts etc! I have a problem with journal, I buy them and I just can't use them. I have a Han Solo moleskin that I got in Jan and it's not been used.

    1. I couldn't agree more! They also have books for writing book, movie, album, chocolat and wine Reviews! I want them all! I am such a journal addict!

  4. I LOVE moleskins. They are so well made and the pages never fall out.I shove mine in and out of bags and it stays in great shape.

    1. I think I am smitten with Moleskins too!
      I bought a larger one for desk organization LOL.
      I am such a stationary addict!
      thank you for coming by! I love your blog!

  5. B&N's has an excellent selection of stationery! When I go in there I always find myself wanting EVERYTHING. Congrats on your purchase and enjoy!

    1. Me too! I keep bugging my brother to get me stuff from there as he works there!
      Thank you for stopping by! Your reviews are awesome!


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