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Albums of Awesome Part 2 - Dookie

II. Dookie by Green Day While this is my favorite album, of all time, this get’s #2, as the album above I feel has a slightly better track listing and theme. Ok, technicalities out of the way: Dookie is the album that shook my world and being. Good or bad—I like to think it’s mostly good—but on the cusp of teenager-dom (maybe this should be: teenager-dumb, as I was heading to junior high when I first heard this) this album had questions that mirrored my own growing pain questions. The inevitable onset of teenage angst was somewhat subdued by this record too. This probably made my parents somewhat happy. I did however keep things inside to bubble…eh, who knows the correct way to handle things…ok, never mind, we know these things, but who can execute all of that…really? Anyway, my favorite songs by and far are: Having A Blast, Basket Case, When I Come Around, and Coming Clean. But overall, it’s a SOLID offering of self-analyzing love, and confusion over what we are supposed to be, who we t…

Albums of Awesome: Part 1- How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Yesterday I was feeling VERY down—the day before, and for quite some time actually. And so, I listened to one of the albums, guaranteed to cheer me up. As I was driving home I came up with this idea for a post. And, I kind of wanted to tag others in this. So Let me start with Number 1: I.How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Bouncing Souls (2001) By far, this album, above all fills me with peace, joy and just, the desire for fun. The album came out right before I graduated from High school (less than a month before) and was one of those pivotal moments in my timeline. I had listened to Hopeless Romantic by the Souls, and really liked it. But it was this album that cemented, nay! ENDEARED them to my heart. While Green Day is my favorite band, the Bouncing Souls…well let me give you a different song, that they helped (in part) answer a question I knew nothing about: “I want to know what love is!!! I want you to show me!”  LOL!!! The kick of the Mike’s drum, the strum of Pete’s guitar, Bryan’s b…