Hither and Thither with Gidget

Gidget is my totally tubular 2001 Echo.
Today on my way to work she was hit by accident in the bumper. The other driver admitted fault.
Luckily we are all ok.
Just, the other driver and I had a rough start to our day.



  1. Oh cr*p...! At least no humans were hurt in the making of this picture ;-) Hope it will get repaired soon and you won't have too much trouble with the insurance company. xo

    1. It went well. Although, first loaner car had engine issues so i had to take it back and exchange it. I missed my car though. I am super glad to have her back!

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  3. Am glad you are all ok, that can be scary and stressful! Thank you for coming to my blog, I hope the rest of your week will be marvellous :)) xx


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