Caffeine Addict

I have been hiatus like for a while.
Work has been BUSY and strenuous! But, I am grateful to have one.

But I have an early day as I start at 6:30 am.
And so, for that reason I am a caffeine addict!

While I love me some Starbucks, its a bit pricey.  A few weeks back we went to go see The Dark Knight Rises at the drive in. We went to the 1:45 am showing, and needed something to keep us awake. Since the 'Bucks was closed, we went to 7-11!
And I got to try my new custom drink.

Cafe de Fatale
1/2 vanilla latte
1.5 pumps of honey syrup
Fill to top with Blueberry coffee
Add mallow sprinklings or others to your desire.

Perhaps this is also a sugar high? I reeally want it, and really need it to get by.

The cup o' Joe  is not bad and is my new pick me up.

I really hope they start a punch card program or something!

I would love to hear about other coffee shop alternatives, even if they are exclusive to one's township.



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