Albums of Awesome: Part 1- How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Yesterday I was feeling VERY down—the day before, and for quite some time actually.
And so, I listened to one of the albums, guaranteed to cheer me up. As I was driving home I came up with this idea for a post. And, I kind of wanted to tag others in this.
So Let me start with Number 1:
I.                    How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Bouncing Souls (2001)
By far, this album, above all fills me with peace, joy and just, the desire for fun. The album came out right before I graduated from High school (less than a month before) and was one of those pivotal moments in my timeline.
I had listened to Hopeless Romantic by the Souls, and really liked it. But it was this album that cemented, nay! ENDEARED them to my heart. While Green Day is my favorite band, the Bouncing Souls…well let me give you a different song, that they helped (in part) answer a question I knew nothing about:
“I want to know what love is!!! I want you to show me!”  LOL!!!
The kick of the Mike’s drum, the strum of Pete’s guitar, Bryan’s bass-line matching my heart beat, and Greg’s easy-going, sing-a-long voice. To me, it was pitch perfect! The songs seemed like everything I had and would experience at that point in life were put into words, JUST FOR ME!!!
From the first song, That Song it says the very line I am thinking in these times:
I put that record on,
just to make a sound…”
Some of the songs that are highlights for me are That Something Special, True Believers, and Late Bloomer; though part of why I am writing this is because the idea of album. As a collective idea and concept, How I Spent My Summer Vacation  is what I call the perfect album. Songs are in proper order, I cannot skip any of the tracks, as I feel like there is something missing from everything, it fluctuates between mellower parts, and faster pace, with enough anthems that by track 3 and 8, you’re ready to hug someone standing next to you in the pit!
This album gives me goose-bumps, the way great motivational speakers and love does. It’s just…Ok, so you know when you are feeling ill, and the only thing you want is chicken noodle soup?
And then, you have chicken noodle soup, and your insides go from that icky-cold-flu feeling, to being warm and happier?
Well, How I Spent My Summer Vacation is the chicken noodle soup feeling, but 100 times better, and not only do you feel better, but it cures your cold!!!
Here are my favorite lines from some of the songs:
1). That Song: “I put that record on, just to make a sound…The soundtrack, of what I want to be” and “…the music shaped our lives. So tell me why, our movement’s out of time. Are we so out of line?” and finally, the last words:  “…We stand tonight hearts in our hands!
2). Private Radio: “I like to rock, and I love to roll, when the music’s running through my soul! I got no, no place to go but my own private radio!” (Get the mp3 FREE here: )
3). True Believers: …actually, the whole dang song to be honest.
5). That Something Special: “I managed to be a jerk anyway. It doesn’t have to be this way. Forget about the things I said. I make no, excuse for me. I want to start again!
6). Broken Record: “I love you all, but I got to get out and change this scenery. I’ve got to find what I’m living for. I’ve got to change this life that I’m living.” “I’ve learned the hard way, when you give yourself away, you give away, your life too!” “I tried to find someplace, that seemed right for me, I walked the streets, until lost my mind. And that was the best place to be. When I lost my mind the truth set me free!”And the chorus: “Nowhere to run, from myself, nowhere to hide, from the truth!
8). Manthem: “He’s my friend, he’s my alibi. My accessory to the crime. A bond that will never die, until the end of time!
9). Break-Up Song: “Sometimes when I just can’t sleep I hear the words you said to me. Sometimes it takes a painful loss to realize you weren’t free. How did you get so deep, inside of me?
11). Late Bloomer: “
smoking cigarettes, your girlfriends by the pool. Your smell I could not forget, that's as close as i could get you were so fucking cool. I'm no good, you're no better, wouldn't we be perfect together? All I wanted was a piece of your heart, you left me torn apart. F**k the rest before me and their crimes, for your love I'll serve their time I'm no good, you're no better wouldn't we be perfect together?
13). Gone: “…I felt so lost, I couldn’t say why. I needed strength to change my mind, but those ghosts stick to me like glue. Hating life, believing I was no good.”
It was a darkness all my own.
a song played on the radio.
it went straight to my heart.
I carried it with me.
Until the darkness was:
Seriously, I frigging LOVE this song!
You can love it too! Download it here: for free:


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