Slytherin Manifestos...

This is the part of the blog I am calling Slytherin Manifestos. I know I am not exactly using the word manifesto correctly, but deal with it. Any who, this is where I will write quirks I feel are representative of "my Hogwarts house" as though it were actually very real. I.e. I will be fan girling a bit...
Here it goes

I feel like though I might just fit some Ravenclaw quirks, the passionate Hard-nosed qualities lead ne to superior house: Slytherin.

Today I have discovered that one thing that I feel especially akin to the house of Slytherin is my general dislike of expectations. Now, the expectation of excellence is not one of these. Excellence is my own personal expectation. Please understand that I merely mean silly social stigmas and societal norms.

Today while riding in the car with some co workers they were listening to r&b.
I loathe R&B! And rap. And hip hop. The only gospel I can stand is live and in a church. And I am black.

But society has these ideas that you must like these things because you are this.

Well, I am not a jocko Gryffindor, nor pot head Hufflepuff, nor band geek Ravenclaw. I am Slytherin! And society is my b***h! Not the other way around!

Also I am consistently expected to be a republican due to my faith. I see my self as a conservative liberal, or, a liberal conservative. Which ever I feel is the most accurate for that day. Both sides are liars anyway. So I will not align with anything not loyal to me.

But mostly I am a democrat.

Slytherin out!


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