Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rey (Star Wars) Workout Cosplay

Today is of course Rey...who's last name we "don't know." **Spoilers Ahead** (though by now you should've seen the movie): She is also a bad mamma jamma and a brilliant pilot...which I assume "runs in the family." I apologize for the quotation marks, but I'm pretty sure she's a Skywalker. Anyway, Rey is a fierce fighter, and becomes even more fierce as a Jedi bad-ass! That's why this outfit is based around outdoor terrain running...but also so you can use a bo staff like Rey (and Donatello) would!!

And here's a hand-holding/bo-staff swinging playlist:

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kylo Ren Workout Cosplay

Today's Workout Cosplay is inspired by Kylo Ren!

I really LOVE that vest! I want one so bad! Kylo does dress in my favorite color (to wear): black! And since there's still a lot of cool weather, I tried to make this a warm for all (...ish?) outfit. I also really like the water bottle as these are a great way to bring some of your nerdy inspiration to the gym!

Here's a Kylo inspired's a moody-movement inspired, 'cause Kylo ;P

Hope you liked today's Workout Cosplay!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poe Dameron Workout Cosplay

Today's workout cosplay ties into last week's! Where BB-8 is a CSO, Poe is the pilot!

Oh, Oscar Isaac...why you be so dreamy. But seriously, Poe was such an awesome character in The Force Awakens (TFA), and I'm super stoked he was not killed off! Can't wait to see more of his and Finn's Bromance (/romance?).

As for the playlist...
Did you know: Oscar Isaac played in some florida ska bands in his youth? My Rude-Joie heart is fluttering! In fact, this article is 100% to blame for this week's workout playlist, dubbed "Poe Skameron"! Hope you enjoy this (mostly) 90's nostalgia trip!

Bonus points: for cardio, skank-ing to the beat is not a bad cardio at all! In fact, it's really fun and makes you work your obliques if you swing your arms right.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Soundtrack to My Life Right Now (52 Lists-Week 4)

This post reminds me that I need to revisit another one.

That aside, here is my Soundtrack RIGHT NOW (i.e.: Things I'm Jamming To)!

What are songs are you really feeling/jamming to right now?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BB-8 (Workout Cosplay)

Today's workout cosplay is inspired by the adorable BB-8!!!

I love the Star Wars droids, and just generally love robots! But BB-8 is the cutest thing since R2-D2 and G.I.R. (from Invader Zim...told you I love robots)! I'm going to hold off on gushing about BB-8, but know: I have seriously thought about changing my pup Thorin's name to BB-8! Also: that gym bag! <3 p="">
Here's a BB-8 inspired playlist to help you roll a-long your workout ;)

Be week will be a strait up "Nostalgia Trip" in terms of the playlist, but it'll be FUN!

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